Does anyone else hate clowns?

  1. I am a fairly reasonable person, but I really do not like clowns. Fact is, from John Wayne Gacy to Bozo, there is something sinister and evil behind all the greasepaint. I will go out of my way to avoid any situation that might include clowns. Anyone else as much of a nutter as I?:wacko:
  2. HATE CLOWNS! My sister is even more terrified than I am. There's just something about them that is sooooo creepy and scary.
  3. Me Me Me. I hate clowns. I think they are really scary :hysteric:
  4. I run away. Fast. One tried to give me a baloon and I ran away as fast as my little legs would take me.
  5. i too, totally dislike clowns... i just cant stand them!!!
  6. My husband absolutely HATES clowns...he blames it on the movie "IT".
  7. I have been terrified of clowns ever since I was little, I think I was 5 when a relative gave me a clown doll that laughed and it had the most horrid, evil laugh. I remember crying for them to take it away.:sad:
  8. i HATE clowns. when i was in high school, i had this clock that my parents gave was a clown on a bicycle...when the alarm is set, the clown starts to ride the bike, its head moves side to side (like it's looking at you), and has this horrible scary music. i kept it on my dresser coz my parents bought it, but i never turned on the alarm. one day my best friend thought it would be funny to set the alarm for 2am...i woke up that night and turned on the light, the clown was riding the bike and looking at me. my friend thought it was funny.
  9. I hate clowns, as well as the circus. If my kids wanted to go to the circus, their dad would have to take them. When I was little, my parents had hired a clown for my birthday and it gave me the creeps (I can still remember). I also just dont find anything funny about them.
  10. I hate clowns too! They are a little bit creepy. I had a nightmare about a clown when I was little, and ever since then, I've tried to avoid them.
  11. OMG the thought of that clock freaks me out :wtf:
  12. I hate clowns! They're so scary, and they give me the chills...
  13. Clowns annoy me. Nothing they do is funny.
  14. HUGELY hate clowns and have since I was little. What really put me over the top was the clown in Poltergeist that came alive OMG and the IT clown in the Stephen King movie w/the razor blade teeth. EEEEEK lol.
  15. uuuhh yes they freak me out, I will never put my kids through that torture of a clown birthday party.