Does anyone else hate being pregnant?

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  1. i too have never been pregnant but i want to have kids in the next few years or so, and while i really really really want to have kids, i am TERRIFIED of being pregnant.. thing is, my mother had very rough pregnancies... i was almost 6 when my brother was born, and all i remember from that age is my mom puking pretty much every day she was pregnant. she pretty much had morning sickness all day, every day of her pregnancy, both times!! i remember when i was kid, i had always told others that i never wanted to have kids because i didn't want to be throwing up all the time (lol). oh and to make things worse, my mom ended up having appendicitis when she was 5 mo along, which made her even more ill...

    the only saving grace for my mother was that she had a _very_ easy delivery both times (when i was born, she was only in labor for 1/2 an hour, she just had to push a few times and she described the pain as "not that bad, just like period cramps"). :shrugs:

    so anyways, even tho i know that not everyone gets morning sickness (and even those who do, only have it for first trimester), i am still scared that will have the same exp as my mom, and i don't think i will be strong enough to handle that. esp since i will be working a full-time job, and i imagine it would be quite difficult to stay focused during meetings when you're trying to concentrate on not retching your guts out....