Does anyone else hate being pregnant?

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  1. i know..i lost weight but i feel so fat.. i used to gym 5 times a week and now the doctor ordered bedrest (weak placenta).. its making me go crazy!! im sure it wil be worth it in the end though!
  2. Hated it - tired all the time tho' minimal morning sickness but my legs were like balloons the last trimester, I got out of breath just climbing the stairs and my hips killed - couldn't sleep for more than 1 hour on either side without needing to turn over. I love my daughter to bits and she was worth evry minute but I am SO glad not to be pregnant any more.
  3. I'm feeling a lot better now that me and my body have gotten used to being pregnant. Thanks for asking! I had my hair colored all over light brown, my natural color, with a demi permament non-amonia color. I usually wear it blonde, but I am going to leave it brown and not re-dye it until after the baby. I am a hair dresser myself, but I chose not to work during my pregnancy because of all the chemicals. My doctor seemed to think the fumes were more harmful than the actual color to be exposed to.
  4. Kitten, hugs to you. I hate:

    -the nausea, why can't I just puke and get it over with for the day, nope instead I haven't puked at all, just feel like I'm going to ALL DAY. the first few weeks I was extremely dizzy too.

    -the exhaustion, I could sleep 4 or 5 times a day.

    -the allergies, my doc said I could stay on my Claritin for now but to be prepared to be taken off of it, I have horrible drainage which adds to the wanting to puke feeling. Now my face is all puffy and I can't breath.

    -I have to go to an asthma specialist to see if I can continue my advair and my nebulizer treatments. Which without I feel as if I can't breath.

    -Having to wait a month or so once I start my new job in a couple of weeks to tell them that I'm pregnant bc corporate America still doesn't get that women that are pregnant can work.

    -Knowing that once I have the baby it will have to go into daycare bc I'll be on my own and will have no choice but to return to work.

    -Knowing I'm going to be pregnant throughout the summer in SOUTH TEXAS nonetheless.

    -I'm either extremely irritable or I don't give a crap. I used to be able to control my emotions but now I can't.

    -no matter how many pillows I use I can't get comfortable!! And I'm not even growing yet!!!!!

    But I also think of:

    -that angelic face that I will see around Christmas, the best gift ever.

    -Having a great time with my little angel and showing it all the love I never was shown.

    -Having someone around the house other than my 2 furry angels.

    I feel for you, it's not all majestic and heavenly for every woman.
  5. the first trimester was just a whirlwind of constant nausea, vomiting once every few days, and being tired alllllllllllllll the time! i was so afraid it would follow me into the second trimester, but thank goodness, it's tapered off to almost nothing by 11 weeks (i thought i was 10 wks but after an early ultrasound, realized i was measuring 1 week ahead!) . i feel so much better, have finally gotten my appetite back, and have energy to do fun things with DH again. i know they call the second trimester the "honeymoon trimester" and i'm so ready to enjoy it.
  6. I apologize but I didn't read all of the prior posts...

    But I hated being prego too, actually twice I hated being prego. I thought that after the first one I would 'embrace' it since it wasn't planned, in fact, I never wanted kids. But it's the best mistake I've ever made!

    I thought that I would be skipping down the isles of Babies r' Us in bliss with blue birds lifting up my gauzy clothing as I eagerly absorbed every bit motherhood as I could. The expectant mother's at the store gave me morning sickness that I didn't have. Being pregnant sucks and there isn't any book that can tell you WHAT to EXPECT...

    I used to wear a 34C, I wear a 34LONG. Rocks in socks, need I say more? It wreaks havoc to your body if you are over 33.

    C-sections are totally OVERrated. I had no choice since my pre-labor-term-breach child refused to filp even though I was dilated to 7mm w/out drugs for 16 hours. Don't get me started with the 'healing' process and the stitches.

    You'll be fine. You wont go to hell for feeling this way. Pregnancy is so 'insignificant' once you pop out the kid. Then a whole new wad of hell unfolds and somehow you get through it and then you want to do it again.

    I love my kids, I really do. I just had a really bad day!
  7. This is probably one of the most entertaining posts I've read in a while!

    I don't have any kids and I'm not sure if I want them because I'm so afraid of the labor. BF wants them though so I'll have to pop one out and see how it goes. I'm sure I'll like babies once I have my own, but currently I have zero interest in anyone under the age of about 15.

    I'm not sure how I'll feel when I'm pregnant, but if I'm having a kid for him I'll b*tch and complain all I want. Emma watch your crown :P

    Good luck to you! :heart:
  8. I never wanted to have kids. Still don't have 'em. Probably will never bother. My BF (well, now, fiance) knew when we first met that I never wanted kids. I haven't changed my mind in four years, and although he does want a kid, it will be a cold day in hell when I have one just because that's what HE wants. Girl, you need to reconsider that! If you don't want kids, PLEASE don't let anyone pressure you into having them! You can have a wonderful, fulfilling life without ever having given birth. Believe me. I know many wonderful child-free adult women, and they're doing amazing things in their lives. I can understand where you're coming from because sometimes I wonder if I'll let my BF "pressure" me into having them, too...but I realize that, in the end, it's my choice, and so far I've been able to be a real woman and stick to my own decisions and not let anyone sway me. My BF has decided to be with me in spite of his wanting kids and my not wanting them, and if your mate loves you enough, he'll understand where you're coming from and won't pressure you to have little ones. Just know that you don't HAVE to "pop" anything out!

    I feel a little bad for posting this,'s a variation of similar things that other members have told me when my own similar dilemma was mentioned on the forum.
  9. I had to dig up this thread. I feel so bad because I love :heart: my angel with all my heart and at the same time I am not enjoying being pregnant at all. From the very beginning I experienced the horrible nausea, fatigue and now in the 2nd trimester which I heard was the “easiest” aka honeymoon phase I am experiencing horrible migraines, back pain and extreme round ligament pain. I know when I see my baby for the 1st time this will all seem like a distant memory but honestly I can’t see myself going through this again. This will be my only pregnancy. I could see myself adopting but carrying another baby, I don’t think my body can take it.

  10. OK, I am 14 weeks pregnant also and don't really like it either. Unlike you, I HAVE gained weight. I am hungry ALL THE TIME! NONE of my clothes fit right, I can't eat sushi, or have a drink after my stressful-long houred job!!! I have chest acne, which is disgusting and I don't know what to do about it. my boobs are getting bigger which I don't mind b/c I was a B cup before but I do mind that EVERYTHING else associated with them is growing too. (DH noticed this last night, that was not fun!LOL) I try not to get upset about it though, i try to joke about it mostly and tell myself "It is only 6 more months, it is not forever" but it is frustrating at times.
  11. me too !!!!!!
    i can not wait til december.......
    9 months.... well need i say more.....
    I am such an impatient person as it is so this is making me be patient....
  12. I'll just say it. I officially hate it. Probably because I'm vomiting or feel like vomiting ALL the time. If I didn't have that I'm sure I would love it. And I have about 7 more months. Wow.
  13. I loved being pregnant (all three times) and miss it now that I am done having kids.

    But I understand where you're coming from. I remember the fatigue and the aches and pains and all the negative stuff. But it's short lived and will be over before you know it. Even the baby stage seems to fly by (too fast for me).

    Take it all in stride and try to enjoy it as best you can. Once that beautiful baby is in your arms you may feel different.
  14. Lets see here:

    severe back pain where a bone popped out in the first trimester and had to be popped back in wherein I couldnt walk without putting all my body weight on my husband. On a threshold of pain that was a 10 every direction I moved my leg that night caused it to grind against another bone that wasnt suposed to be there.

    chiro visits to keep it from popping out

    nausea all day long

    second was okay but it went by quickly just tired and having to buy clothes often

    third: im tired all day long, I can't sleep at night because I have bad indigestion and I can't breathe so i end up falling asleep at 4ish only to let in the ppl working in the house at 7.. i can now sleep through hammering I am so tired..

    im starting to feel sick to my stomach moreso now

    my back pain has returned

    i have feet and hand swelling and carpel tunnel in my hands so they are numb and i wake up at night with tingling

    there is a tightness in my chest and things hurt to wear like bras because of the tightness

    and I cant walk around alot

    BUT, i cant wait to meet her when she comes in a few weeks.. hopefully my doula and my husband will get me through the labour part because these final few weeks have been uncomfortable..

    *being unable to sleep has increased my balenciaga collection quite a bit..
  15. i love being pregnant... i didn't have a hard time with my two kids. I wish i have more kids... I don't easily get pregnant. Had my eldest almost 2 years of trying and the youngest was 6 years apart. Now, i would really love to be pregnant again. But i think it would be risky since i'm almost 40...