Does anyone else hate being pregnant?

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Good hints with the vegetarianism. We've been veggies for about the same amount of time.:tup: Anyway, I am not hating pregnancy anymore. I have started to feel a bit better and am 16 weeks on Friday. I am starting to show a slight bit to others, alot to me. The doctor prescribed some additional iron supplements, which I'm going to pick up from the pharmacy tomorrow. Hopefully the extra iron will make me feel even better, and I will definately try your peanut butter tip.
  2. kittenslingerie, maybe also talk to your allergist before you start eating a lot of peanut butter. There are some recommendations that if there's a strong family history of allergies/asthma (e.g., both parents), then pregnant women may want to avoid peanuts to lessen the chance that the baby will have a peanut allergy, since they can be so severe. It seems to be more theory than anything proven, but you may want to check just to be sure.
  3. I am glad you are feeling better. Sometimes just getting well clear of the first trimester makes a big difference.

    kimberf is right about checking about the allergies. I have heard that too. We don't have a history of food allergies in my family, so I personally didn't worry about eating peanut butter during pregnancy, but it is something to check on based on your personal history and family history (I did steer clear of any peanut-based foods when we started solids with my daughter, though. I believe that was for the first year).
  4. I am in my 14th week now, and I have had days when I just have no appetite and keep throwing up, in the past 3 weeks I have lost 6 pounds, my OB wasn't happy at all, she said if I cannot put some weight back on she will have to send me to the hospital. I have tried to eat as much as I could, so while I kinda knew I have lost so weight (jeans not as tight), I am actually surprised I have lost that much weight.
    now I just worry that the baby's not getting enough nutrition...
    I guess I don't hate being pregnant in general, there are days when I feel better and energetic I feel thankful and try to enjoy it. But I just hate throwing up, oh I hate that so much. I am just hoping that it will go away soon so I can really eat and gain some weight.
  5. yes, i am hating it right now!!!!!!!!!!!

    i'm 38 weeks and counting down on the days~!!!!! can't sleep at night, bad heartburn....everything hurts..... and waiting on 'the time!!!!

    can't wait to push him out! LOL
  6. I love kids and i want kids but being pregnant is hard! im on my first pregnancy, and im 13 weeks.. and in these 13 weeks, i lost 13 pounds! :sad: I didnt start of heavy. So i now weight 94 pounds which freaks me out! i always feel like puking.. and i am always tired. always dizzy... its hard but i cant wait for my baby!
  7. I hate being pregnant. I never even wanted children, so it was a surprise. I have been nauseous 24/7 and I either can't stand the thought of ANY FOOD, or I am so absolutely starving that I HAVE TO EAT and I have to eat now. I remember hearing people criticize women who gain too much weight while they are pregnant, but seriously....they have no right to talk about it. I am literally starving 5 times per day and unless I shove food in my mouth (and it has to be appealing to my stomach or I will just get sick) for like an hour. I hate it. I seriously don't understand how our world has as many people as it does when pregnancy is horrible. :tdown:
  8. I love this thread!!

    And I am going to add myself to the list of pregnancy dislikers (haters may be too strong a word). I too was a vegetarian before I turned back to meat after my first miscarriage. My husband didn't allow me to stay vegetarian as he wanted me to 'nourish' my body back. Soon after, I was pregnant again. And then, because of my first miscarriage, I was treated almost like a queen. No more housework, but I was once again, made to have meat. Naturally, I couldn't do any more exercise. It was suspected that my miscarriage was caused by too much exertion and this time round, for the sake of the baby, I moved as little as possible.

    I used to be haphazard over my mealtimes but now, I eat regularly, plus the lack of exercise leads to me being so FAT!!!! And I hate that I have absofreakinglutely no control over my body. I used to go to the gym and swim so often, but now, I feel like such a horrible, easily tired and breathless FAT woman. Like some others who posted above me, I have no motivation to go shopping nor putting on makeup. Which in turn made me UGLY!

    BUT, and this is a huge but because you won't hear me saying it as recent as last year, because I don't terribly LOVE children as most other women do, I look forward to every scan, and when I'm down, I will stroke my stomach, and I delight in the thought that there's a little one in me.

    Now I worry if I will like motherhood.
  9. I don't have kids, but I know for a fact that I would hate being pregnant. The few times I THOUGHT I was pregnant I was downright miserable; I know that only an actual pregnancy could be worse. It would be like some parasite had taken over my body, and it could only be expelled through a painful, bloody mess, like some bad horror movie. Then the sickness, the weight gain, the tearing up of my privates. Pregnancy has always seemed like a disorder or a sickness to me, not a natural state in any way, shape, or form. LOL When God designed human pregnancy he really dropped the ball. One poster commented that because of morning sickness she's suprised that there are so many people in the world. But when it it comes to pregnancy and all that goes along with it, I'm surprised that there are ANY people in the world. No, thanks. If some day I do get pregnant, maybe I could have my lobotomy and delivery all at one time.
  10. When i was pregnant with my DD ( my first) i also disliked being pregnant. I lost 10lbs (i was 120lbs before) the first 3months i was throwing up couldn't eat and always dizzy, my boobs hurt so much, and i was so tired i had to cut my hours at work from 8 hours to 4 hours. with my son it was alot better i got nauseas(sp?) once in a while, but never throwing up. This time around i have absolutly no symptems. I go to bed earlier than usual and i'm always hungry, but thats about it. I think i gets better the more time you do it. lol
  11. What an interesting thread. I don't have kids and I'm not pregnant, but I'm glad I stumbled on to this b/c we've been talking about it. DH and I throughout our 5 year relationship really weren't into kids at all. I mean, my nieces are great and were adorable as babies and they're fun now that they're older, but I just never thought much about me ever being a mom. Ever. I spent so long in school and poor, and so did DH (we're both doctors) that it seemed cruel to us to sacrifice by having kids. We really don't have family that live near us, so no family help. We love to travel and seriously what do people do with their kids if they want to go to Europe for a week??? I really want to know..b/c giving up on seeing the world is really holding me back. And the big truth is, even though (or maybe because) I'm a doctor I am TERRIFIED of pregnancy!! Maybe it's because I see so many things...but I'm really terrified I'll be miserable and won't be able to work, in which case I'd lose my job. I also have a prior back injury which causes me daily pain, so of course that won't be helped by carrying a 20lb+ pregnancy.

    And now, to top it all off, DH says I need to decide soon. He's getting older and if we're going to do it, wants me to get pregnant Sept 2009 at the latest. Why that date? Who knows- that's my silly DH. I'm 34 for age reference, DH is 37. He says he doesn't need kids, but what if I regret NOT having them? I can't imagine not having grandchildren!!! But it's so hard to finally be to the point we can save some money, travel, etc and now I need to decide whether to give that up and face all the uncertainty..... Just not sure what to do. i think I'd make a good mom, so that part doesn't worry me as much, just deciding to get to that point does.

    Just to add, all of our friends are now having kids, even the ones who said they'd never have any, so this of course compounds the pressure.
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    It's a tough decision, to decide when (or if) the time is right. I'm a doctor, too, and have dealt with what I imagine are similar issues to what you are facing - the long training process, little time/money for things like travel for many years, etc. There is then the issue of child care when your hours are long and often unusual, and of course the concern of having enough time to spend with a child. I was lucky when I was pregnant with my daughter that I was able to work right up until the day she was born with no real modifications, despite some pregnancy complications and having a pretty physically demanding job. What I was less prepared for was how hard it would be to go back to the intense work schedule (I was still in training) after she was born. I struggled a lot with how difficult it was to leave her, even though it was with my mom! Things are better now that I am in practice, and I have chosen to work a part-time schedule (although it probably isn't what those in a lot of other professions would consider part-time). My husband is not a physician, and luckily his schedule is a little more flexible than mine, which helps. Still, with two careers, there is always some negotiating that has to go on to make the logistics work.

    We have been extremely lucky to have family support nearby from both of our families, and that has made a huge difference. We are able to take shorter trips from time to time, leaving our daughter with one or the other sets of grandparents. But the entire first year or so, I couldn't imagine leaving her for more than overnight. It is only more recently that we have gone places for longer. I think 6 days is the longest so far. When we travel, we leave her with her grandparents. That's what my parents did with my siblings and I when we were very little when they travelled without us from time to time. Our grandparents lived several hundred miles away, but would come to stay with us at those times. Maybe this could be an option for you all? Or you mention you have nieces - maybe a brother/sister/in-law/close trusted friend could help, and you could do it for them sometime in exchange? It probably wouldn't let you jet off to Europe every couple of months, but I would think you could at least work something out once a year.

    We haven't been out of the country since the year I finished medical school, which is a little tough because we both love to travel, and did a lot of travelling before that time. On the other hand, cliche though it may be, having my child has been the most amazing adventure of my life, and I really don't view any of that as much of a sacrifice. I didn't really think of it as something I was giving up. I figure we will have time to do those things in the future, and when our children are old enough, we will take them too. I have wonderful memories of the places we went as a family when I was a child. It won't be the same as travelling just as a couple, but it will still be a good experience in its own way.

    Timing is always tough, and of course, it's okay not to have children too if that isn't the right thing for you. Feeling pressure because everyone around you seems to be doing it is probably not the best way to go into it all. Since September 2009 is your deadline, maybe spend the next year going all kinds of places you know you won't go with little kids, and then think about it? I think maybe that helped me too, that although there are still many things I want to do, I had been a lot of interesting places up until that point, so I can't say I was deprived of that. Being a parent does involve many, many sacrifices, no doubt about it, and your life will never be so simple as when all you have to coordinate are two people. We haven't even hit the school years yet, and that's true for us. For us, though, it has been absolutely worth it and I don't regret it for a minute, but that's a very personal thing. There isn't one right or wrong answer.
  13. Ladies, It will all be worth it in the end!;)
  14. Thank goodness. There's hope for me yet. I came in here because I wanted to read about this topic and I'm so glad to know that things change once you have the baby. I don't have any children and I'm not a huge fan of babies. I don't coo at them either. But now it seems that perhaps I am just one of those people who has to have a baby before my instincts kick in. What a relief.

    To the OP I admire you for being so honest about your feelings. You definitely shouldn't feel bad about the way you feel.

    To Emmalawyer...LOVE YOUR POST. SO funny and encouraging!!
  15. Thanks, sarah...that does help!! i guess we have some time to decide!! It's just good to know others feel the same way.

    Great thread, as it's a topic I would never have thought to start on my own, but so hard to even have this talk with friends who aren't in the same boat.

    How are you feeling now, kittenslingerie?? I hope better every day. And I do think it's OK to color your hair- I asked my hair dresser and the OB at work and they both said it's OK. In fact my hair dresser is 16 weeks pregnant herself and still does color for clients and gets hers done.