Does anyone else hate being pregnant?

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  1. I threw up for 3 weeks straight and then started feeling a bit less sick each day. But then the weakness and heartburn kicked in, so thats where I'm at now, still far from normal or active. I hilited the part of your post above because thats kind of how I feel. My hubby really wanted a baby so bad and I wanted a child before its too late, but if I had known I'd feel THIS bad.... I always thought the worst part of pregnancy was gaining weight, which I really am not scared of. But its the overall sickness that bothers me... I guess it can only get better for us:shrugs:, right because it can't get much worse than morning sickness. I keep reminding myself only 6 more months to go.
  2. I am so glad that I am not alone in this...I have morning sickness for 5 months in every single pregnancy.....I do not enjoy being pregnant..the worry, the changes...I remember when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter, I ate only boiled corns for months, until I reached my 2nd trimester...for my 3rd , I ate only tempeh...just a tiny bit and yes, I didn't brush my teeth as often as I should..I would throw up..that is why in my society, there is saying that 'Heaven is under your mother's feet'

    so kittenslingerie , yeap it is hard..And I didn't love my first born until she was 4 1/2 months old.Luckily I had my extended family with me , my grandma, mom, aunts , cousin who would fuss over her.It definitly wasn't love at first sight..but now, I would lay my life for her ,however with the 2nd and 3rd , I definitely fell in love immediately..

    The worst part? the worrying..can I be a good mother, will my child be physically normal etc
    You just do the best that you can...:smile:
  3. You are not alone, my dear! I had a miserable 1st trimester with my 2nd (current) pregnancy. I was sooooo lazy.. always felt dizzy when up for a period of time... would always have to run to the toilet when I've eaten something my tummy didn't like. I didn't have that preggy glow that I had with my 1st pregnancy.

    I had a blissful 1st pregnancy with my DD. With this 2nd pregnancy it was totally the opposite. What sucks is I feel so tired with this 2nd and I am a SAHM. With my 1st preg, I was working FT and up until the weekend that I gave birth. It also didn't help my current situation that I have a 2yr old toddler to take care of. hee hee

    But now that I am almost at the last leg of my pregnancy, I CAN NOT wait to see my baby. I know all the bad stuff I suffered with this pregnancy will pay off, once I see him.

    So hang in there! It will get better soon. Just try to enjoy your pregnancy (when you are in a good mood, that is), because you wouldn't want to miss those pregnancy milestones - all the 1st's (like the first kicks, etc).
  4. Wow! I am absolutely astonished at the degree of honesty and openess in this thread. It's wonderful that discussions this genuine can be carried on in public forum without women judging one another and putting each other down. I think it's important that we engage in this kind of dialogue. the rhetoric may only pertain to a minority of pregnant women/mothers out there, but that does not make the described experience any less real or valid, just different!

    Along the same lines, thank you to all the women who responded to my description of my pregnancy with compassion and understanding. I have to admit that I was expecting to come under a bit of fire :boxing:...and it's nice to see that people didn't judge but instead tried to understand and, in some cases, even offered empathy! :welcome:
  5. kitten - I'm not sure if anyone has posted this regarding your allergies. I had allergies too and took Benadryl elixir during my entire pregnacy (sometimes up to 3 times a day) without any issues (gabe birth to healthy 9lb 5 oz baby). My allergies symptoms include runny nose, stuffy head, and the worse one - hives all over my body. I checked with my doc and she said it was ok. If your allergies are really bugging you, you might want to check with your doc on using Bendadryl.
  6. I don't have kids nor am I pregnant (yet), but my good friend is pregnant with her first child (due later this month) and all she does is say how much she hates it!

    Good luck hanging in there. I hope the next couple months fly by for you. Who knows maybe after your baby is born you may miss being pregnant. ;)
  7. OMG I'm sorry! I didn't see the part where you said you likes babies that "Talked" Little babies talk! They coo, and laugh, and smile! Trust me, when you see your baby, and you look at his/her eyes. You'll be in love!
  8. P.S.
    You WILL love your baby. And you'll be a good mom. Like I said, those maternal instincts will kick in!! Don't be discouraged. I know it's hard. But it'll be worth it.
  9. i just want to say that i didn't like babies much either, i was more into kids that could talk as well. but rest assured, as soon as sebastien came out of me, i was in LOVE!!!!!!!!! now i dont want him to grow and start talking, i love the baby stage and love to meet new babies. i think i want another. i am sure u r tired of hearing it, but you probably will change your mind as soon as you feel your baby moving around inside of you and when he/she arrives into the world. i miss being pregnant now. :sad:
  10. Aww, I love this thread!! Thanks for being so honest!! :smile:
  11. I'm another one that is not a baby person, but I'm totally enamored of my own baby! I've never been one to coo and fawn over other people's babies, or look in everyone's strollers. But as others have said, I find my own baby's little noises and expressions are much cleverer and more interesting than other babies'.;) Seriously, though, you'll be so amazed that you created this little person that his gestures, faces, and baby noises will just fascinate you; I can only imagine how much more exciting it will be when I can start teaching him sign language, and then when he's talking!
  12. I absolutely HATE being pg. (I'm currently 31 weeks). I thought I would be the type to enjoy it since we worked so hard to get to this stage - we did IVF. I didn't have m/s at all so I don't have that to complain about - however I was and still am tired all of the time. I was a vegetarian prior and they said because of that my iron is low so I'm on iron pills. then I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and they've put me on insulin. Oh and I fell flat on my face on concrete and looked like a domestic violence victim for a few weeks. I can't wait for this to be over.
  13. OMG that was an amazing piece of writing ! You should submit that to a magazine or something, seriously !!! I loved being pregnant, I felt my best while pregnant and my worst afterward and before. I guess since I have gained so much weight in recent years, I must have felt like at least I have an excuse for being so fat. I ended up having high risk pregnancies that turned out fine and had to go for non stress tests constantly and spent lots of time in the hospital with ultrasounds and intense pre natal care, I still loved being pregnant. People think I am crazy but that is how I felt. It is all worth it in the end, it may not seem that way now and may not seem that way when you are caring for a newborn. You will have glimmers of that here and there but eventually you get the big payback of a smile or the feeling that someone so beatiful and innocent and sweet loves you more than anything !
  14. I accidentally clicked on this forum because frankly I'm terrified of pregnancy and am putting it off possibly forever, or at least another good 10 years. However, I'm thrilled at the frankness of your post. You sound very brave. My sister only had one baby (3 yrs ago) because she absolutely hated being pregnant. She was tired, had projectile vomiting, her breasts were also DDs and the specialists found a heart defect in her boy 1 month before due date. (Hope I'm not scaring you! It was an extremely rare condition.) I didn't know just how much she hated pregnancy until someone asked her if she would consider having a sibling for her son.

    Oh and Emma, you rock! If I ever get pregnant, I will definitely be more like you and less like the "glowing" perfect pregnant woman!
  15. KL - Dont worry so much! Everything your feeling is normally.
    Firstly I am a veggie & have been for about 13 years, so long as you try & eat as best you can the baby will be fine, it will more likely be you that suffers as the baby will take all the vitamins it needs from you, just try to avoid food with a high vit a content - i believe Marlin is failry high.
    I coloured by hair through out my pregnacy, I think it's only perms that can runnin your hair - good job it's not the eighties!
    I'd keep an eye on your weight - but if your naturally thin you might not put on much.
    The allergy thing sucks - i had terrible hayfever throughout, although some women find with the change in their hormones they arent allergic to some things while pregnant that they normally are - fingers crossed.
    And most of all don't listern to those really anoying uber moms who think their the only pregnant women in the world & wont shut up about it.
    I had to suffer them, people can be quite snotty where I live, i was only 22 when I had my daughter so i got a fairly cold reception at the birthing classes & even after she was born at toddler groups.
    The funny thing now is all the women that were snotty have spoilt brats & my daughters really good & twice as bright.
    But seriously the fact your worrying is good its proves you want to be a good mom. Any more questions pm me. xxx