Does anyone else hate being pregnant?

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  1. Its great that you've had such a change of heart. Good for you and congrats on delivering twins!

    Also thanks for the honesty compliment. Unforunately for me, I'm honest to a fault. I do try to hold it back as I've gotten older to avoid coming across as cold or mean.
  2. I'm with you; I hated being pregnant. Honestly, I felt like a weird science experiment and didn't feel at all maternal the whole 9 months. I was seriously beginning to think I had made a mistake by the time my first son was due, even though the pregnancy was planned and I wanted children. After he was born, everything changed and it really WAS all magically worth it.

    However, not everyone feels magically maternal right after the birth, either, so give yourself some time even after your baby arrives. After all my hating being pregnant, I now have 3 children and I'm a sahm, so even the most non-maternal pregnant woman can really do a 180!
  3. Whatyou are feling isn't really uncommon :smile: To be quite honest, i didn't enjoy being pregnant!!! I liked the ultrasounds and seeing my baby and reading about how my baby was developing from week to week. But...

    My morning sickness was awful until week 16.
    I found out i was pregnant 8 weeks before my wedding, so organising the final details of my wedding while being sick as a dog wasn't much fun for me and i could've done without the stress of thinking i wasn't going to fit into my wedding dress anymore too.
    I'm also an active person and having to give up all my social sports were such a pain.
    I also had to give up going out on my usual "girls night out" with my friends because being the sober one who got to round up a bunch of drunk girls so i could drive them home also wasn't fun at all.
    Then when hip pain, ligament pain and back pain kicked in that's when i started being a "whinge bag" as my husband kindly put it :P
    I also usually sleep on my tummy so not being able to do that really sucked.
    I craved all the foods that my doctor had reccommended i stay away from.
    I got diagnosed with high blood pressure right at the beginning of my pregnancy so got put on medication that made me feel even more tired than usual and a really handy side effect... nightmares... it gave me bloodly nightmares regularly :cry:
    So towards the end of my pregnancy whenever anyone would tell me how good i must feel being pregnant i would see visions of me punching them in the back of their heads :hysteric:

    But having my son here with me at the moment makes it all worth while!!!
    I want to have a few more kids but now that i know exactly what happens when one is pregnant i feel that i need time to psych myself up for another round of what comes with a pregnancy!!! :smile:
  4. I am loving being pregnant, but my pregnancy so far has been very easy in comparison to what I've heard from other people or read online. Like everyone says, you are not alone, and how can you possibly feel good about it when you feel so crappy all the time?! Hopefully all that clears up so you can enjoy some of your pregnancy. :smile:
  5. When I saw this title, I had the exact sentiment when I was preggers. I hated that I had morning sickness all day, felt bloated, sluggish and FAT! I was wearing braces at that time, I felt so sick that I went to the dentist and took off my braces even though my teeth was not straight yet. I hated brushing my teeth cos it made me throw up (so I ended up with cavity in my tooth). I didnt like putting on make-up cos it makes me sick. In fact nothing I do eased my morning sickness.. I was hospitalized for my 2nd pregnancy due to urinary tract infection (common in pregnant women). It was the worst feeling, i had fever and chills and peeing was painful. Furthermore I was worried for the baby inside me. Giving birth was also no fun for me as I experience severe pain, worse in my 2nd. Sitting down and standing up was so painful for me for 2 weeks.

    Now that my kids are bigger, I am starting to get my life back and though I went thru so much I can still say it was all worth it. :smile: When I look at my children, the pain I experienced were just memories... That is if i do not get pregnant again *cross fingers*
  6. This is a great thread..
    Emmalawyer that was an amazing post...
  7. Actually, now that i think about it, that happened to me as well. In the 2nd and 3rd trimestres of my pregnancy whenever i brushed my teeth i would gag and almost throw up but i didn't know it was one of those things that happen when someone's pregnant :confused1:
  8. Hi Kittens, Sorry you are feeling so bad & I hope it gets better soon. Please don't feel bad about posting & glad that some posters can share that they felt same as you. Regardless of different experiences we can all listen & help.

    I did actually love being pregnant in the main but I physically had an easy time, I never had any morning sickness with either pregnancy so that was a big plus, I was very lucky!
    I did have some very bad headaches, which I never get & would not take any drugs but I found that rubbing VICK VAPOUR RUB on my forehead & temples gave me great relief!

    The one thing that spoiled both of my pregnancies was worry! I used to worry myself sick that there would be something wrong with the kids as I had threatened miscarriage with DS & lost a twin with DD, or something would go wrong at the births.
    My obstetrician learned to take my BP when I was leaving & all was well rather than when I came in when it would be high with worry lol.
    If I had to do it all again I would have worried much less & enjoyed the experience. It really is all worth it, I promise! & fab that you have a supportive DH also, that will be a great help to you!
  9. ^^ True, i also worried abt everything... Whenever I worry I put my hands on my tummy and pray for the baby :smile:
  10. I didn't like being pregnant at all. your body goes through a massive change, you are emtionally getting ready to be a mom, you have to change your lifestyle, you wanna sleep 24/7... it is hard and it's normal to break down. I was so hormonal, emotional and cried alot while i was pregnant, for no reason. I was so scared of labor and motherhood as the due day got closer, again, I cried alot because I was scared. The only time I liked was my son kicking me, moving and hiccuping in my tummy and I knew I was never alone because he was with me. :smile:
    Yes, this is so cliche but it all worths it in the end. I love my son to death (I so wasn't a baby person either) but I don't think I can do it again to be honest.
    Btw, I think you still can color your hair. I did. Once you pass the first 12 week danger mark then you are fine. I colored my hair before giving birth, coz I knew I probably wouldn't have time to do it again lol. My hair was my thing!
    Anyways, all the best and hang in there, by the time you see your little one comes out, it'll wipe all the bad feelings away.
  11. You are definitely not alone!! I didn't love it either. I've posted before that when I read a quote from Halle Berry or someone talking about how wonderful pregnancy is and how much energy she has, that I wanted to smack her. I think it's probably like that if you have a full staff waiting on you and you don't have to work, but for the rest of us, it's not that easy.

    I was nauseated a lot first trimester, as well as moody and incredibly tired. I felt bad for ever having doubted my pregnant friends when they had backed out in the past for being too tired. My skin looked awful, and similarly, I felt like I couldn't use anything on it. Second trimester I wasn't nauseated, but I was still exhausted. Third trimester, the baby dropped really early and I was super-uncomfortable, nauseous, crampy, back pain, you name it -- almost worse than 1st trimester for a while. On top of it -- like emmalawyer, I had a high-risk pregnancy, which was stressful, scary, and entailed a ton of doctors' visits and what felt like endless tests.

    BTW, regarding feeling attractive, maybe just splurge on some cute maternity clothes (I liked Isabella Oliver and Pea in the Pod.) I found it really helped to have a normal selection of cute clothes and not be stuck with four outfits to wear all the time. Like swanky, I also colored my hair, and that didn't affect the pregnancy at all. I also got my nails done on occasion. Regarding your skin, a lot of doctors feel that benzoyl peroxide is OK. My sister in law is an OB/GYN, and she said there are antibiotics you can take if your skin is really bad. Mine cleared up after a Mediterranean vacation at the end of my first trimester and stayed better, so I would recommend getting out into the sun or trying a phototherapy lamp like this one: That was my plan if I did start to break out again.
  12. oh wow, I empathise with the feeling of being annoyed because this time round I do get upset sometimes, although I still love the actual fact of being pregnant.

    I don't think it is tragic that you haven't put on weight yet, I didn't until about 16 weeks, maybe half a kilo until then. it can be a sudden increase then so don't get upset about that. I have to agree, feeling the baby move will bring you a lot closer, and holding your own child is very special, but for some it may still take some time to really feel the mummy feeling, once the baby is out. everyone is different, so I wouldn't care about what others say - everyone manages their situation in their own time, IMO.

    All the best with your pregnancy and btw, the body changes can be upsetting but in the same way your body changes back once pregnancy is over! ;). I spent some time now bag shopping which helps. and yes, I did get highlights and still do get my hair dyed now - why not? I also drink a cup of coffee every day and couldn't eat meat in the beginning months (not a vegetarian). your body will ask for what it needs, anyway.,
  13. i hated being pregnant got countless urine infections everything swelled gained loads of weight and hated eating all the foods i normally liked. had to travel with a bucket in the car to be sick in i could go on . however on the upside you say you love kids focus on that babies are babies short period of time the fact you love kids will make you a great mum !!! good luck and good vibes:tender:
  14. I almost don't want to write it but, why don't you just focus on eating what you feel like as opposed to "eating healthy". Your baby will take from you what they need.
    Get a good prenatal vitamin and just eat what you want. I believe that you crave things for a reason, so eat them when you feel like it. :tup:

    I think its one of the few bonuses of being pregnant, so indulge in some treats :heart:
  15. I'm SO glad someone started this thread b/c I was getting ready to start one. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO miserable right now I don't know what to do anymore. I'm almost 10 weeks preggo and I feel so disgusting! My morning sickness is so extreme - morning, noon and night. For example, as I was reading this thread, had to get up and say hello again to the toilet -which I've been attached to at the hip for about five weeks now. Average sessions with the toilet god is about six to eight times a day. I can't keep anything in my system... My doctor finally put me on two types of medication, which is helping, but not 100%. Plus I hate taking it b/c I'm completely out of it. In addition to this, the heartburn is starting to kick in too - it's unbearable...

    I feel SO ugly too - I'm not looking pregnant and just feel fat; haven't gotten my hair done since I found out and don't even have the strength to make an appointment just for a haircut. Can't wear any of my cute jeans b/c it hurts my stomach, so I've been living in leggings. I don't even have the strength to blow dry my hair so that it looks somewhat decent in public :sad:

    Lost my desire to shop for clothes -which is so disappointing b/c it was my form of therapy. Say goodbye to Nordstrom, Saks, Shopbop and hello to the porcelain god! I was a runner and absolutely loved it and haven't been able to run for the last month. Can barely walk, yet alone exercise.
    My husband and I always wanted to have kids -but I had no idea that I would be suffering so much. I can't believe I'm not due until the first week of November, it seems so far away and the thought of being in my third trimester in the dead heat of the summer makes me miserable just thinking about it.

    My husband has been so WONDERFUL, he waits on me hand and foot and still manages to kiss me and love me after my daily emotional outbursts...

    I'm glad that I'm not alone...I really hope I feel better soon and this passes b/c it's no fun! I always wanted to have kids, at least a couple..but I think after this kid is out...we're adopting our second child. Seriously....