Does anyone else go through this?

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  1. Ok so i have this problem parting with my designer handbags..I want to get a new one and i was like i have this gucci that i don't really wear much and i bought it 4 years ago and it's been sitting in my closet..So i was like i'll post it on eBay and make some money off of it..So the winning bid is the price that i paid for it 4 years ago..But i don't want to send it out..I can't give it away..What is wrong with me? Does anyone else go through this? What do i do about this? HELLPP!!
  2. Yes, every time I write the listing I fall in love with the bag again. I just sent out THE bag that got me in love with Coach leather. The buyer paid with a check so I got to give it more loves before sending off.......

    Just remind yourself that you loved it but hadn't been using it. You are passing it on to somebody who will use it and love it. Go look at the bag you are going to buy with the money you have back from the sale, that should help!
  3. I don't ever like to part with my bags. I have some old LV's that are great for breaking out every once in a while. I keep my older bags as you never get a good amount of money for them used.
  4. Don't let it languish in your closet. Think of it as re-homing. Let it go out into the sunlight and have a second life. Move on to your next handbag love. It's already been sold. Once you decide to list it, pack it up so it's all ready to go to it's new owner who's probably really excited about her new purchase.
  5. You guys are all right!! But it's just really hard to let it go :cry:
  6. Yep, I feel like that sometimes after selling a bag - like I don't want to send it to its new owner! But just remember that you can get a new bag out of it and your old one will get a new mommy!