does anyone else get watch thier ebay listings....

  1. when it is getting close to the end... I end my stuff on Sunday mornings... I get my coffee and sit in front of the computer and watch the action... Is this sad, just me, or do others do this as well? Why do I find it entertaining to watch people bid on crap that I don't want anymore? LOL!
  2. i love watching the end of my auctions ! i feel it must be done !
  3. oh good! So it isn't just me!!!!
  4. I always watch the end of my auctions.
  5. okay, well to be honest... I sit here and talk to the screen... things like, come on.... you know you want it.... etc... my DH thinks I am nuts!!! :wacko:
  6. Lol i do the same thing.
  7. lol, i usually try to watch them. hitting the refresh button so many times in the last 5 minutes. saying "come on.." lol
  8. I'd love to feel your pain, but my stuff isn't selling....:crybaby: I've had some people actually buy my items in the last minute with a BIN when it's been up for like 10 days.....:wtf:
    Oh well. I'll live vicariously....
  9. I can totally relate .. I like to sit here with a cup of joe as well and watch like the last 15 minutes .. there's a bit of a gratifying feeling from this ..
  10. As they say... "One person's trash is another person's treasure" :yes:
  11. I am not getting quite what I want for my stuff, but it is starting to sell again. the month of August was terrible! I was pretty much screaming at my monitor... "COME ONE PEOPLE!" :p it will get get better!
  12. i watch too..but more so because i like to see who is biding on my items if i don't like their feedback i will block them or canel the bid so i don't have to deal with a fishy ebayer i do it at the end so they don't win my item
  13. ahhh good tip!!!~ :yes:
  14. i can't watch the end , always finish mine in a evening so go and get a drink and panic . It never goes up if i watch it .
  15. lol I just read the title to my thread here... made me laugh!! seriously, I can spell and speak in proper english, I swear! :p