Does anyone else get this?

  1. i'm getting the following message at the top of my screen now...and i have posted more recently than "several weeks" is the message:

    "it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums?"

    has anyone else gotten this as well? just thought it was kinda strange. i don't post a whole lot, but i didn't think the notification was very accurate. oh well!
  2. I've never gotten that, but I am here posting pretty much daily. I guess Vlad or Megs would be the ones to ask about it.
  3. That's weird I never got that and I went a couple months or so without posting one time yeah ask the
    Vladministrator, he would probably know:idea:
  4. this is the right spot to ask. . . I'm sure Vlad will chime in and let us know!
  5. i've never gotten this message but i know this from other forums which do the same when you don't post for some time.
  6. yes, I have received this message too but only when I haven't posted for a few weeks..:smile:
  7. I have had this message for several days now, and last posted on the 20th.
    Edit: and it still says it after I posted this.
  8. I'll look into it for you!
  9. Thanks Vlad.
    It is gone now.
  10. I got the same message also. I did not post for a while because I was on vacation but I did not think that it had been several weeks.
  11. Maybe it needs to be reworded because it is back for me and I think it has only been 7 days since I last posted.
  12. I never saw any type of message like that, and I had been on vacation for several weeks.