Does anyone else get itchy from tanning salons?

  1. I figured this was okay to post here, since it's beauty related but if not move it ;).

    I am anxious to go to a tanning salon, but the last couple of times I went (8 years ago or so) I got extremely itchy from tanning beds and even the tanning stand up booth. I have used different tanning lotions from various stores and from the tanning salon itself and nothing helps. I have visited several different salons as well. Basically I get intense itching. No hives, no bumps or anything but extremely dry skin to the point I couldn't sleep at night it was that itchy. Regular sun does not affect me in that way.

    I've asked different salon owners, no answers. Am I just a freak of nature or can anyone else not go to a tanning salon due to this?

    I've been using Jergens regulary now, love the stuff!! Or in the past Mystic Tan (it's a spray on booth) with no problems..but I wish I could go tanning in the salon..
  2. I used to get itchy a long time ago, but it was only because I hit burnt. It felt like an electrical burn.
    I think as long as you don't burn or get too pink you shouldn't itch. Work up slowly with your minutes or use a bed that filters out the "bad rays"
  3. My skin gets itchy after I tan in the tanning bed because it usually is dry, even though I put a tanning accelerator on...
  4. This happened to me but it went away after a few times. I think it means your burnt or close to it. Make sure you mositurize after!
  5. Hi girls! I work at a tanning salon and am certified just so you know I'm not pulling this out of my butt. Basically, the "itch" you're feeling is a burn.
    You can be a level 1 (burns all the time never tans) to a level 6 (dark skin, tans, never burns) and your salon should be able to asses what a good program of tanning would be for you and how long you should go based on your level. Level = skin color, eye color, and hair color.
    My suggestion is use a good tanning lotion, if you get itchy or severe dry skin try anything with silicone (Designer Skin almost all have silicone) and make sure your moisturize every day with a good moisturizer.
    NEVER burn, if you're starting off at the maximum exposure that is too much for most people, try to start at about half (6-8 minutes generally) of the exposure time and work your way up. This doesn't mean work your way up every day, work your way up gradually maybe increase by 2 minutes every week until you feel ok going the full time (most are 12-20 minutes, some 9).
    The itch you're getting is a burn, you may not see it but it's there. Don't go until after this clears up and if the salon owner or works can't tell you what to do to help, I wouldn't go there.
    I suggest you lower the amount of tanning time you are tanning at and also I suggets starting in the highest bed and working your way down. If the salon has a "high pressure" bed start with that. I say this because generally the higher beds have more "bronzing bulbs" and less "burning bulbs" so as you work your way down the "burning bulbs" tend to increase to lower beds. HD beds go to the second layer of your skin and actually decrease the amount of times you need to tan after a "base tan" has been developed - sometimes down to twice a month although can be used daily or every other day depending on machine.
    Hope that helps and if you need any other advice let me know, you can PM me or I'll check back in here later!
  6. ^ exactly what I was going to say. I don't do tanning salons, but it's obvious that your skin is burning,
    as it would if you were out in the sun without protection.
  7. This happened to me and the same thing happens when I spend time in the sun with no sunscreen on. I had to go to the hospital when I went to the tanning bed many, many years ago and what they did was give me a shot of Benydryl (actually, I got two or three, I think) which is an antihistamine. The reaction you are having is an allergic reaction and your body produces histamines which is why they give you the antihistamine. Honestly, I never went to another tanning bed after that and you probably shouldn't either. That itching is your body telling you it isn't good for you.
  8. ^ :yes: tanning beds cause so much damage & it cannot be said enough by GPs & the media. Sorry.

    Try tanning towels, or just put on the SPF & go out. That's the best way to catch a natural looking tan. Tanning salons cause more damage than the sun.

  9. Sorry, but there's no such thing as "good rays" from tanning beds if you are altering your skin. Tanning beds are not a good thing in general, so I would suggest going with a faux tan.
  10. ^I think she was referring UVB rays which cause more damage than UVA, although neither are great for you. Tanning does have negative and positive effects. In no way to I advocate tanning every day of your life, yet alone for years and years. But now a days everything is bad and everything causes cancer - even some plastics.
  11. I sometimes get this from the sun or tanning bed. It helps if the place is really cool and you keep the fan on high and do not stay in the full time. Your body is releasing histamine in response to the heat and its making you itch. Some people also get this from exercise.