Does anyone else get horrible gas pains?

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  1. I have been getting horrible gas pains every day. They last from 4:30-6:00pm EVERY night. I have tried mixing up my diet but the healthy things (whole grains, veggies, fruits) seem to make it A LOT worse and nothing really prevents it. Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to cope?
  2. I've been having digestion problems practically all my life and pregnancy only enhances it. To ease bloating and other problems I eat a serving of Yoplait yogurt or 5 dried pitted plums, not both or will get diarrhea. Usually yogurt eases my digestion but if it gets too bad the other option is the way to go. Whole grains and fiber don't help much if I don't increase my intake of water per day (I mean like 10 glasses instead of the normal 8), it just gets my stools harder and too much causes constipation which spirals to bloating again etc.
  3. Yes!!! I have been having the farts (they smell awful!! Like cooked cauliflower, ew) for the past week or so and the pains are AWFUL if I hold them in, so I basically just have to let wind whenever I can.

    I can feel my intestines twitching and then a pain comes between where my breasts attach to my chest and my bellybutton. Ouch!
  4. Drinking a LOT of water in the late afternoon will help with this. I mean a LOT of water!
  5. When I was pregnant I ate a pasta with Jerusalem Artichokes before going to my Mom's house to pick her up for Christmas Eve mass, and I was in so much pain she wanted to take me to the Emergency Room! I didn't know that Jerusalem artichokes are notoriously gassy. Blech!
  6. i get the gas pains but they are in my back...something like butt pains... i used to get them whenever my period came on- they would go up my back and i would be on pause.. I know what they are so it doesnt bother me- like when I have to go to the bathroom #2 its awful..
  7. Yes, it's pretty much normal for pregnant women to have gas. Especially if you eat a lot of fruit and veggies, especially those rich in fiber, which makes you even more gassy. Fruit only takes about half an hour or so to digest, so you'll be feeling the effects quick if you eat a lot. You might try some Beano or something. I had gas when I was pregnant, but the most I could do about it was let it loose, I mean, there's not much more you can do, it hurts so bad all you want to do it get it out, out, out! LOL.
  8. Do you have a reflex uterus?
  9. Addisonshopper-I know exactly what you are describing!!! I used to get those before my period all the time! I get them occasionally now. They hurt!

    VPT-I am not sure what you mean by "reflex uterus". I do have a tilted uterus. Not sure if that would have any effect on it...
  10. Same thing. I have that problem too and mine tips all the way to the back like 180 degrees :sad: My backaches are getting worse and I feel better walking on heels though not recommended for pregnancy. I think for people with problems like ours heeled shoes straighten the spine and distribute some weight in front because our backs bear the brunt of the weight.

    People with normal front-tipping uterus seldom have pains and aches in their backs.

    Oh I want to add that more sleep helps with easing bloating. Like 8 hrs non-interrupted sleep overnight everyday excluding winding down time.
  11. Thanks VPT! I used to live in "The Couv" as some people would call it (Vancouver). I miss it but I don't miss the drive over the bridge into PDX every day. Ugh.
  12. My girlfriends and I used to call them butt cramps.. I would be walking in the store and have to immediately stop moving and wait for it to relax.......certain times of the year it is more severe than others- sometimes i dont get it..but now pregnant its her ALOT....
  13. never heard on this- never been told i have this...
  14. It's a rare abnormality. Just be thankful you don't have it cos it hurts like hell in the back when you're pregnant, you can't sit, stand, walk, or sleep right, the most comfy time is when you're walking on heels.

  15. i did when i was pregnant w/ DS #2. i had to stop going to yoga :shame:.
    i just had to figure out what foods triggered it and then to avoid them.