Does anyone else get an adrenaline rush from bidding on ebay?

  1. Does anyone else get an adrenaline rush from bidding on eBay?
    You know when your bidding on a bag you REALLY want and it comes down to a bidding war at the end! :boxing: I get so anxious those last few minutes! Its hilarious! My heart rate speeds up & my palms are sweaty! :sweatdrop:
    When its over I have a buzz like I just had 6 shots of espresso! :nuts:
    I think this could mean its a problem, like an addiction or gambling! :s Yes I am addicted! :p

    Am I alone here?

    Anyway I mention this because I just won a chanel bag that I neeeeeeded! :yahoo: I won, I won! :woohoo:

    Now lets just hope the rest of the transaction goes smoothly! Wish me luck! :girlsigh:

  2. Hi ivylouwho - Yes l used to do that too, fingers couldn't tap in the amounts quick enough and kept using the refresh button!!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out ok, good luck
  3. I never get into bidding wars and only bid during the last minute. That's when I get my adrenalin rush!
  4. Me too merrydish! I wait until the last second, my heart is pounding, and just when I think I am about to explode, I learn if I have won or not. Lately, I have been losing to sniping software, but the adrenaline rush is great!
  5. I am so glad to hear that its not just me. I don't use sniping software (I didn't even know it existed until TPF). If its something I really care about I time it to the last few seconds...and my heart is pounding!
  6. I totally get that way!! It's such a rush and then you want to do it AGAIN! When I won my Chanel bag a few weeks back, I had the racing heart, shaking hands ... THAT was exciting! :smile:
  7. Yep, archygirl, it's one of the best feelings in the world!!! :yahoo::yes::wlae:
  8. Yes, it's kind of like gambling, except you get something in the end. Now I've started selling and that's even more addictive, but when your item doesn't sell, it hurts!
  9. I've felt that hurt, too, Jenny, but I realize I have to get back into the game and sell some of my goodies.
  10. Exactly the same here! I think the rush is almost addictive!
  11. I get that same rush even though mostly now I SELL on eBay and not so much buying. Watching my own auctions climb higher and higher and higher every time I hit "refresh" just brings a nice little smile to my face!!
  12. Yep, I have been guilty of continuous clicking the revise button at the end of an auction, lol...I very rarely buy anything on ebay anymore, though.
  13. Ladies, please get help.


    I used to get really hyped up too, but then I started to get outbid ALL THE TIME, and it just pissed me the helll off. haha
  14. Congrats on your Chanel bag! Me, me, me, I just won a Michael Kors Astor tote that I've been eyeing all week, during those last few seconds of the auction my heart was beating so fast (as always). I have never bought a bag in green, I'm more of a basic (black/brown) girl. I just fell in love with this bag though, isn't she beautiful?

  15. ^^ Yay MK!

    I don't see enough Michael Kors around.... CONGRATS!