Does anyone else find the Paddy user unfriendly?

  1. I have several Chloe bags, but find that my Paddy is the one I fumble with the most. Whether its flipping that heavy lock over constantly or having the zippers come completely undone:push:, I am finding this bag to be annoying to use. Does anyone else feel this way? I love the look, but am getting frustrated because it is just a pain in the butt to get in and out of. I usually just stuff everything in that little pocket cuz it's soooo much easier!
  2. yes, I too used to find this, the bag does soften up with wear and the zippers do get easier to close, but its so fiddly and if the bag is very heavy, then that also hinders the zipping!

    I found the smaller paddy to be even harder to open and close actually, as the zipper length is so short so you have an even harder time pulling them back together.

    But its the mark of the bag, that even though its not the most user friendly, you still want to use it!! :biggrin:
  3. I usually leave my zippers open. Then I just need to flip the lock over.
    Also, I ended up buying one of those purse organizers. I really didn't want to go that way, but I find it quite helpful now.
  4. is a beauty:yes:
  5. At first I found it to be a royal pain-in-the-butt, but I think after carrying it for a long time you get quicker at getting in and out of there.
  6. I just "deal" with it. lol. I mean, there is something just so pretty about that darn paddy! :smile:
  7. Unfortunately yes. I even wound up carrying mine without the lock for a while but I still struggled to get things n and out of the bag when I was shopping. I adore the look of the Paddy and the feel of the leather but that wasn't enough justification for me to keep it. I wound up selling mine but I still admire Paddys whenever I see them!
  8. Sigh, ultimately the Paddy experience left me a BBag fan.

    It's cumbersome weight and heavy lock made it all but unwearable for any length of time.

    But I love them sooo much :heart: The wonderful leather, esp the 05, and the texture and the slouchy triangle shape ... :love:

    I have just come to realize that I'll have to admire them worn on other people to get my 'fix'.

    In retrospect I think I miss this one the most:



  9. yeah... i just bought a paddy (well, it's on layaway) but after these comments i'm starting to rethink it... i want a bag i can USE....
  10. I too find the bag weighty for any leangh of time so one use the ones i have for nights out with my hubby. I have the prada fringe beag which is also weighty and drives me nuts after a while. The bag im using a lot of is my Black Betty. She is a dream to walk about with and easy to open and close.
  11. I still love my paddy! I too leave my zippers open and just flop teh lock over to get in and out. I especially love teh cell phone pocket!
  12. I love, love, love the look of paddies, but I hate carrying them, which is why I have whittled down my collection so much.:sad: I discovered spy bags, and I love the look just as much, and the comfort and carry-ability gives them the edge for me. They are so light and easy to carry and get into and out of.

    For me, the trick is to carry one of the paddy styles with long straps that's comfortably carried on your shoulder... the pocket paddy, bouler, tote, etc.

    With all that said, I'll always have one paddy in my collection!:heart:

  13. I am exactly the same way. I just got my paddy last week and tend to leave the zippers open as well. And yes, just like you Jag, the lock on my bag is just kind of hanging around!!!
  14. I forgot to add that the new Paddy (the capsule) out this season is a lighter version of the paddy because the lock is much smaller and the leather is more akin to that of the Betty. I really love it in person- it's definitely a must see!

    oatmeal-raisin! Enjoy your new paddy in the best of health!!!
  15. I tend to agree with you guys. My Paddy is heavy when I have all my stuff inside, but the look, Oh my, it's well worth it. I love carrying my Paddy and even though it can be a PITB, I still love it.