Does anyone else find Lucky Charms and Punk flaps TACKY?

  1. I can't stand them!

    The punk clutch, I could go for, but the flaps are just too much.
  2. not tacky but I think they are for younger people in their 20's
  3. I agree with chercerry! Not tacky but def. for younger demographic. And the clutches are def. cuter than the flaps.
  4. I don't like them. too much going on
  5. considering that they may be for the younger demographic, I don't understand why Chanel would price them so outrageously! lol. aren't they around 7-9,000$? (or am i thinking of another bag)
  6. i think they're gorgeous :p
    if i'm rich enough, i would def. grab this bag
    i like edgy bags though LOL

  7. It's kinda looks like a fun bag to have , but I would never pay that much for the bag.
  8. To answer your title question,yes.
  9. I do find it to be a bit tacky.

    Also, given the price of that bag, I don't think they're trying to target a "younger" demopgrahic... most couldn't afford it!
  10. I've never cared for it either.
  11. I think the lucky charms in silver is so sssexy in real life..I actually hated the pics but when I saw it it was TDF!
  12. i dont like it
  13. First impression, gawdy. I think it could have been done so that it "works." Looks like someone just slapped a bunch of knicknacks on with a hot glue gun and called it done.

    The punk clutch, I kind of like. Reminds me of body piercing for a purse. It's a little edgy but that's fine; it works.

    There is a flap with just the cc's on it that doesn't look overdone, garish, gawdy, tacky -- however you want to phrase it.
  14. Not for me....
  15. It's all right, nothing special to me but I think it has more life to it than the naked bags lol