Does anyone else find it easy to scratch Botkier leather?

  1. Hi
    I recently bought a Botkier Handbag which I LOVE! However, I am finding that becuase the leather is so soft, it is easy to scratch?

    Does anyone else have this problem and what does everyone do to try and keep their new and lovely handbag "new" for as long as possible???
  2. Which Botkier was it? They have all different types of leather. I've not had a problem with any of mine. And I just started using my Bianca more often and even with the soft lambskin, it's holding up well.
  3. I have the skeleton (not one of the popular ones) and I havent used it very much, but its also made of italian lambskin. I can just see myself scratching it if i accidentally scrape it along something.

    I have waterproofed it to make sure that it wont damage the leather if it gets wet, but not sure if there is anythign I can do to make sure its long lasting!
  4. I've had the same problem with my Sophie, I'm sorry to inform you that there isn't very much you can do to prevent this. I'm just very careful and try not to rub the bag against anything rough. Conditioning the bag may help but it isn't going to get any deep scratches out.
  5. Hi!

    My Botkier Sophie handbag is also in very thin leather. So thin that it wears very quick and easy. I have therefore made a complaint about it to the web shop where I bought it. They have now received the bag and will talk to Botkier about it. It is not acceptable that a bag to the price of almost 500 pounds is in so thin leather. I think that you should complain about the bags to Botkier.

    Regards from me in Denmark
  6. My Sophie definitely scratches very easily. Get some Appleguard and if you condition it when you find a new scratch, you should be ok. Good luck!
  7. I bought a olive hobo with a scratch, very noticable. I used the Apple conditioner on it and it came right out. You cannot even see where it was.
  8. where do you buy the apple conditioner?
  9. Oh gosh! I have been using my lambskin Sasha for about 3 months and just realised it suffered a few scuffs! :sad:
    I am probably going to take it to the nearest leathercare shop to see what they can do about the scuffs. I hope they will go away but I doubt it. I am really upset now. Argh..!
  10. On my black lambskin bags, I use a nice high-quality body lotion and it makes them look good as new! (*test a discreet spot on a non-black bag though)

    I use Origins' A Perfect World body lotion and it completely moisturizes the leather and makes the scuffs go away.