Does anyone else feel this way?

  1. I have dozens of friends. I mean it. People I really love. But why do I LOVE to be on this forum? I love my friends so much but what does this say about me that I love spending time with all of you and blew out one of my best friends last night at a party she invited me to? Am I becoming a hermit? Do I just miss my husband and I'm covering up depression? I feel like I can talk about the same crap with you that I'm gonna talk about at a party from the comfort of my own home with you guys and have a glass of wine while doing it. And I don't have to get dressed up and put on make up! (although I love doing that!) Am I a total loser now? I used to be so social. Is this just a sign of the times? I think knowing that we want to get together in person once in a while makes me feel a little better that we are not totally insane. Anyone who reads this, just thanks for reading it. I'm drinking Chardonnay, feeling sorry for myself and about to start my period. (sorry Vlad)

    p.s. we need an emoticon for "sorry Vlad"!
  2. It's not bad to like staying at home and just being in comfy clothes and drinking a glass of wine :biggrin: I actually like to do that also. There is one great thing about the PF... you can be yourself with tons of people, talk about purses/shoes/etc, and still be at home!! Will Club Bagnshoo be open again in the next few days? I think I will join you all, except I'm on Taiwan time (so +15 hours ahead of LA time) :biggrin:
  3. I think it's just interesting to see what so many different people have to say and people who you can relate to all over the world! I really enjoy coming here getting advice and seeing what happens outside my social group. I think it's totally fine not wanting to go out and stay in.
  4. No need to apologize.

    There is nothing anti-social about hanging out with your PF gals on a night that you could be going out. This community is a social network of its own, with like-minded gals who have heaps in common. Sure, I would recommend seeing the light of the day once in a while, other than that, I am perfectly fine with you all spending lots of time here. :graucho:
  5. there's nothing strange!!!i'm in a bad period, i am so lazy and i love enjoying my evenings here talking with you(my days too!:P) and it's completely normal!!!it's so funny to stay here with you all!!!don't worry bagnshoo!!
    p.s. can i join the club too?!;)
  6. I think it's addictive!

    I mean I stay at the office 2-3 hours extra just to be on the internet because I do realize that if I get internet at home I am going to be left alone there and to be honest I like you people, I REALLY DO, but I want to have a family at some point! LOL
  7. I agree, its amazing how many hours just seem to disappear while we are just checking out all the threads! I think here, its easy to get to know people as so many topics can be covered in one night! and senses of humour come out really well, plus we all have a handbag addiction so immediately have something major in common ;)

    I dont think you are strange at all, the strange ones are the ones who do not want to be here lol :biggrin:
  8. There's nothing wrong with it! Sometimes it is just nice to socialize while being at home.
  9. First off, it's a bad time of the month for you. I know right around my period I tend to isolate more. The last thing I really want to do at that time is get dolled up since I feel and think I look disgusting. My friend's even know when it's my time b/c suddenly I'm not returning calls, or trying to get together. They know I love them to itty, bitty pieces but that's just how I am. It's great to be able to have the PF as an outlet during tougher times. It's such a nice group of people who have become a support group for me.
  10. I hang here instead of hanging with my co-workers at the proverbial "water fountain." They are a nice group of people but most of them are, shall we say, fashion challenged when it comes to the designers we talk about (drool about??) here. That's why I end up here so much during my work day. This is our downtime in my line of work so I literally have next to nothing to do.

    I'd rather talk to you guys than most of my co-workers, especially about handbags and such anyway. :heart:
  11. That's so interesting b/c I actually have a lot of conflicting feelings about this myself. For you, bagsnsho, it probably does have a lot to do with missing your husband and I think it's great that you have an instant support system right in your home!

    I do think that "isolating" generally can be bad, and sometimes we might use the internet as a crutch in doing so. I've worried b/c I've been spending less time with my friends for a few reasons: first, I've been trying not to go out to as many parties and drink as much so that I can get work done and, second, I've been talking a lot to this one guy and focusing a bit too much on that rather than on sustaining relationships with girlfriends (that's actually what I would consider to be the dangerous part of isolating).

    I've absolutely loved having the forum during this time b/c I get to chat while here at home or office doing work and meet like-minded girls (and some guys!) from all over that I wouldn't normally have a chance to get to know.

    As a GROUP I think you really can always trust the forum to be supportive. It's a very nurturing environment! The only caution might be that, until you actually form individual bonds with certain members through meetings and phone calls, you really don't "know" them -- even though it feels like we do through the boards. You just wouldn't want to risk putting a lot of trust into essentially anonymous people and then feeling let down if they didn't act appropriately during a crisis; then find that you've let your other friendships go too. (Again, there are loads of wonderful people here and lots of opportunities to make "real" friends -- but I have seen comments get misinterpretted and feelings get hurt simply because it is ON-LINE. A person may not know that you were really counting on them).

    Anyway, this "advice" is directed to myself as much as anyone...I could blab on and on about this -- but thanks for the topic and I think you're doing just fine:flowers:
  12. Bagnshoo, I felt the same way last week. I think it was because my hubby was gone and I felt lonely. I can't wait every night to be finished with all the stuff I have to do so I can settle down with the PF!! I think it's that I finally found someplace where people UNDERSTAND me and my obsession with bags. I have never had that before, everyone thinks I'm nuts except for you guys!!! So, of course you are going to keep going to the places that make you feel GOOD!!!! I don't need to go out all the time and always be doing something, the older I get the faster time goes by, I realize, and I just want to spend my time hanging out doing things I like to do, and that's being on the PF!!!!!!!!!!!

    PF ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I love it here, and I'm pretty much a homebody. I rarely go out. Course I don't know many girls here still, and the ones I do know..well, we won't get into that. lol But I crave girl interaction, and its hard to find girls with common interests now that I'm done College, and in a new city. So the PF provides that for me, which otherwise I wouldn't have. I am on here all the time, and I love everything about it, bags, discussions, debates, celeb gossip...everything! So don't worry, you are not alone.
  14. I don't think your a hermit at all. I feel like that sometimes too. I'd just rather sit here and stare at gorgeous bags and share my obsessions with like people :lol: ..........with my glass of wine.:drinks:
  15. :yes: Me too. This is my girl time and I love it. :love: