Does anyone else feel iffy about Bluefly??

  1. I always see some cute things on Bluefly but I don't know if I trust it completely like eluxury.

    They have a disclaimer saying they are not an authorized reseller instead most of the time they get their merchandise not directly from the designer but from a reputable reseller at a discount.

    Hmmm...I wonder who the resellers are and if they are 100% sure all the items are authentic.

    My sister thinks they seem a little phony and her paranoia has rubbed off on me. Maybe I am crazy! I was just thinking if this is how they obtain their merchandise then you think there might be a chance that a fake (prob. a good fake?) could end up there?
  2. I've never ordered from them, but I occasionally look at their website. I'm skeptical too. I just don't know for sure. I feel safest buying from a boutique or NMs, Saks, etc.

    I'd love to hear other people's opinions on this subject.
  3. Well they were selling fake Balenciagas at one point but I haven't heard much lately.
  4. geez i hope they are legit, i just ordered a prada from them! i have ordered from them in the past, and they seem ok, but would like to know what others have found..
  5. On the scale of "potentially shady" retailers Bluefly falls in the middle, for me at least. Well-known retailers like NM have no shade factor, and I think Costco is high on that scale. Bluefly and Overstock are somewhere in the middle....I personally have not ordered designer bags from them, but those kinds of disclaimers make me nervous.

    One thing that does annoy me about Bluefly (but has nothing to do with authenticity) is that they claim "complimentary return shipping" but it's only "complimentary" if you opt for a store credit. If you want a refund, they deduct the cost of return shipping. This, to me, is not complimentary return shipping.
  6. yeah, i stay away from that store. i am NOT comfortable with it. i've heard a few times about fakes passing through there.
  7. Do you have some documentation on this - web links or something?

    I have placed three orders from Bluefly and haven't had any issues whatsoever - a Hayden-Harnett bag (which I know to be authentic, because I have many HH bags, and this one is no different), and two Balenciagas (wallets). Both BWallets have all the expected cards/paperwork and tassels.

    I've been very pleased.
  8. They sold fake Balenciagas as well as fake Fendis. The good news with BF is that they do refund your money unlike some eBay scammers. I don't really trust bluefly either. In all honesty, aside from sales @ the boutiques/department stores, I don't even try for discounts on these things any more. Too much headache and worry. :*(
  9. I think they are a bit shady as well, I used to shop from them a little and thought they were legit until they had their Hermes Birkin promo. For those who missed it they gave away "A Birkin A Day" for I think either 10 or 14 days. We all know that if it were easy for stores to obtain 10 or 14 Birkins to just give away that tons of places would and bluefly would be obtaining some to sell as well. So after that I came to the conclusion that they cant be trusted.
  10. What? How did I miss that fine print? Now I'm especially iffy on Bluefly. :rolleyes:

    Aside from Costco (:yucky:) and NM/Saks, how would you all compare BlueFly to other online shops? Personally, YesStyle looks a little sketchy at first, but I'm inclined to trust them a lot more than Bluefly (maybe because I've been ordering through their parent company, YesAsia, for years). Compared with Yoox and NAP, I'd put Bluefly somewhere in the bottom half of the list, once you figure in their return policies, sometimes iffy packaging, and history of buyers pulling bait-and-switches with fakes.

    This is a small niggle, too, but it bothers me that they remove half their stock before one of their "sales" only to put it back afterwards. If you're going to exclude items, say they're excluded, don't take me for an idiot. :yucky:
  11. I have ordered tons of stuff from Bluefly, no problems, and I have also been fairly pleased with customer service. I think it's a good company, just got hit with some bad incidents in the past. I am also comforted in that magazines like Lucky and InStyle endorse Bluefly. However, I am careful in my purchases. If I'm concerned or uneducated about the brand, I'll post the item here for help. Or I'll return it if something is really bothering me. Frankly, after I got a fake Fendi from Saks' outlet, I find it hard to even completely trust the department stores, so why not shop at Bluefly and get a good discount.
  12. Although I have never ordered from them, I doubt highly that Bluefly would jeopardize their reputation by currently selling fakes, as they are one of the main advertisers on the extremely popular show, "Project Runway".

    They have a "Bluefly Wall" for the designers to use accessories for their models, and they advertise extensively. It is just too popular a show for them to choose a supplier that sells fakes....
  13. I've bought many bags from Bluefly and for the most part all were great. One exception was a Chloe that came pretty mashed up. I knew way back there was an incident (short lived) with a batch of B Bags and some other brand but the problem was rectified as soon as they discovered it. And it hasn't happened since. It was pretty isolated. Some bags you get may be in sub par condition. Seems like alot are sent out in "used" condition. I'm sure they got some of their supply from Dept store returns and such.
    All in all, I have and will continue buying from them, with no authenticity issue in mind.
  14. I have bought at least 5 Balenciagas from Bluefly in the past 1.5 years...all have been authentic.
  15. OOH wow glad I didn't take a chance there! I would have been steaming if I shelled out big bucks for a FAKE.
    So tell me this, I just bought from and called the store and ordered so this is safe right????