Does anyone else feel depressed that the premier designer sale bags...

  1. are all gone from the BG and NM websites? I realize that sounds pathetic, but the thrill of the chase (and actually landing a Gucci last week at 50% off!!) was so much fun. Granted, I was a little obsessed since I checked the sites 4 times a day, but it was big fun to see a great deal and either go for it myself or post it on here for someone else to enjoy. I wish they'd go back up with a bunch of awesome high-end bargains.
  2. Yes, the thrill of the on-line hunt is gone, must say I think I miss it, I was checking many times during the day. I did score some great bags........but my credit cards will be thankful it's not so tempting. Maybe now I can get something done.
  3. I get depressed because a lot of the premier bags go 50% off but the cheaper ones have pretty crummy discounts.
  4. I totally know what you mean! I have both sites bookmarked, LOL - but now there's no more excitement from stalking them!
  5. Couoldn't agree more that the wallet will get a much-needed break now that the premier designer bags are gone, LOL! I hadn't bought a purse in about a year, then joined this forum and bought THREE in about 6 weeks. But I do miss the thrill of stalking the bargains!!
  6. Honestly I think they just combine the two once there are less bags.
  7. Lucky gal! You were able to snag a Gucci bag at 50%. I was never quick enough to catch any of the great deals on NM.
  8. What? I missed out on some possible future handbags? I'm depressed... :blink:
  9. Yup! I always check the sites obsessively, end up buying nothing, then whining they're all gone! I need to speed up my decision-making process lol.
  10. I know I missed out on a beautiful red Tods milky (sp?) bag a few seasons ago. Still smarting over the loss. Still searching for a bag like it. Alas, no luck yet... :cry:
  11. Have you tried the Tod's outlet stores, I bought a black Mikey there a couple of years ago. I know there is one in Orlando. They will ship.
  12. Don't worry, it's just a little drought. They'll be more again soon. I definitely know what you mean though, the chase is sooooo fun! I love coming home and hitting up all my bookmared websites! It's like a routine for me now...
  13., I haven't. I should take the next weekend to find me a bag!

    Thankfully, there's always a new bag waiting in the wings of my obsession! :graucho: