Does anyone else experience this issue?

  1. Does anyone else experience the following issue? I have a narrow heel, but them my feet kinda, er, fan out :shame: LOL! I know it sounds strange, but because of this, I usually have to size up quite a bit in CLs so that the front part of my foot fits comfortably into the shoe, leaving a gap in the back. Such is the case with my camel Simples, which, like the python, I had to size up to a 41. I'm normally a US 9! :push: But because the way these shoes are cut, my feet need ample room in the front of the shoe, and because of my narrow heel, there is a slight gap. It almost looks as if the shoes are too big, but I don't have issues with them slipping off of my foot or anything like that.

    Can anyone relate? I feel like a CL outcast :p
  2. That's exactly how my feet are. I have a very skinny heel but fat toes! So my true size would be a US 7.5, but I end up buying a size 8 because my toes are squished. Because of this, most of my shoes are big in the heel. As for CLs, I normally go with a 38.5, but they are always big in the heel. Sucks! lol
  3. Oh sweety your not an outcast, most feet are wider in the front. Mine at least are more like that after wearing heels for ages and tried to wear shoes too small for me and a tun of pointy toes they have gotten rather triangular in the front :sad:(at least the left one)
    On a lot of pics it looks as if CL's are too big in the back, going thru the diffrent picture threads it has struck me several times so your definately not alone.
    The important thing is just that they don't slip off!
  4. Aww, thank you, ladies :shame: It's nice to know I'm not alone. Heel-gappers, unite! ;)
  5. I feel like my feet are spreading ... which is causing me anxiety.

    Glad to know I'm not alone!!!
  6. Although I dont have an issue with gaping in the back (much), my feet are noticeably wider in the front than the back. Next to my pinkie toe I have an extra bit of foot...if that makes sense LOL. I do the same thing you do, size up for toe comfort and fit. I'm a true US8 in length, but get most of my shoes in 8.5 and put grips in the heels.

    Mine sometimes feel they are going to slip off though! My YoyoZeppas are 39.5 and a 39 would have been a better fit except for the toe area. Even with grips those things threaten to slip off my heels as I doesn't help that they are low cut along the sides either.
  7. For me my left foot is bigger or wider than my right and I have to size up 1/2 a size more because this sometimes its a bit lose on my right foot and have to use heel grips! I'm debating to suck it up and buy the size for my right foots so when it stretches out it'll fit my left.
  8. My left foot is considerably bigger than my right foot, too :lol: When I was trying on the leopard Rolandos, my left foot came out of the shoe much less frequently than the right foot. What we go through for shoes :rolleyes:
  9. :sad:My left foot is bigger, too. You are not an out cast!!It really is trail and error and some styles just don't work for me, sadly:crybaby:
  10. My right foot is larger than my left foot. I usually get a size that fits my right foot and put a pad in if necessary on the left. Thank goodness for toe pad, heel grips, etc. If a shoe is a little snug and the next larger size will probably be too loose after a couple of wears, I typically buy the smaller one and stretch them out with a pair of socks on. Works like a charm! For you skinny heeled girls, put the sock around your toes only so it will only stretch out the toe area and not the heels. My gym socks get more use from stretching out heels than actually seeing the gym!!! :lol:
  11. Don't worry, my feet are exactly like this!
  12. Yes, I do! I do have wider feet, so the narrow cut of CLs can be unforgiving. I can probably be nicer to my feet and size up 37.5 for more toe room, but I have problems with the shoe slipping off, so I go with 37s in most of the peeptoe or round toe styles.
  13. Ohhh, I have this exact same foot issue! My heels are narrow, but my feet in general are wider, so my toes get squished in certain styles (Rolando's, etc.), and it's almost always the case that there is a gap in the back of my shoes! :shame: I would probably be better off with a 38.5 in the Rolando's, but I went with the 38, because I swear there was enough room for a small animal to crawl in and hang out when I wore the 38.5's! :nuts: You are not alone girl! ;)