Does anyone else do this?

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  1. Tag-removing phobia: You get a new bag. You love the bag. But do you love the bag enough to justify the price? Or has another one caught your eye already? So what you do is... you just bring yourself to cut off the tags, or peel the plastic off the dangly CC charm, or whatever. You're dying to try out the bag, but you know the second you cut those tags off it's not BNWT anymore, and you might not get your money back (especially if you went on ebay, so you can't return it to the store, even though you might have a copy of the original receipt).

    So you do this little dance of "should I or shouldn't I?" It makes me nuts. doesn anyone else do this?
  2. I think almost all of us do this:yes:If I don't snip the tags and wear within a few days, I know it's not true love.
  3. ^So true!!
    I do it all the time. I'm always in the mirror "trying on" the bag to see if it looks good on me.
    I also examine the bag very carefully for a few days before I take the tag off. I want to be 200% sure that it is to my liking. No marks or what not.
    I think most do a little "should I or shouldn't I" dance.
  4. Yes, we all do that...but I do recommend inspecting a handbag 100% before purchasing it...if you take it home, and then decide to return it, they might not take it back because they'll think you did something to it...
  5. ^Really?
    If the tags are attached and all the cards and receipt are w/ it?
  6. I keep the tags on if I can. That way I know I always have it. Otherwise I'll put them in the pocket. I really do have a phobia about that.
  7. if the tags are on it, and the handbag is intact w/ receipt and everything then yes...but if no tag, and the bag looks worn they'll send it to get repaired before taking it as a return...that happened to us at the store yesterday..a lady bought a handbag and came and returned it two weeks later claiming she bought it like that, but really, NM is NOT allowed to sell damaged merchandise...its a rule, even if the customer is fine with it, we can't sell it and we definitely cannot give an extra discount...
  8. ^had me freaked for a moment!:shocked:
    I think what we're saying is we wait to snip the tags until we know for sure the bags is staying :yes:
  9. Lol sometimes..I keep them in the pocket though and I feel better :yes:
  10. Depends on the store. Nordstrom, for example is famous for taking anything back, even if lots of time has passed and it doesn't look so perfect. My oldest son actually lost his umbilical cord stump (which falls off several weeks after birth for you non-moms) in the ladies room at Nordstrom. My friends joked that we should've returned it for store credit.

  11. That is so funny!!! LOL
  12. Oh ya! I do think it is perfectly fine to purchase a bag & bring it home to try on, put your stuff in it and model it in you mirror in privacy. Sometimes you don't realize if it is really YOU until you bring it home & think about it. I would never cut the tags or actually wear it and then return it, that's wrong.
  13. I usually snip too quickly. But when I do, I always put the tag in the inside pocket so it's there if I decide to sell.

    If the tag is attached inside the bag and can't be seen from the outside I just leave it on and never snip!
  14. ITA! I never throw any tags away..I never sell or return any of my bags, either, but I can't throw the tags away at all lol.
  15. ^ good idea, roey :idea:

    and i spend AGES debating if i should cut tags off anything. bags, clothes etc. :shame: