Does anyone else do this?

  1. I go to the the LV store to have a closer look my next purchase. Then i go home and order it off eluxury because there's no sales tax and free shipping (sometimes). I feel gulity because I'm making the SA wait on me for nothing.
  2. thu nuts - i always go into LV and look at my next purhase (at the moment i'm too confused about what to buy next)!!! its just fun! PLUS, you get a good look at what you're going to get! Trying it on and sticking your own stuff in the bag to see if it fits is just FUN!!!
    you're SO lucky you can order from ELux!!!
  3. Some people here do that with the same reason that you have. I don't do that because I live in California so Elux still charge me tax.
  4. I feel silly about asking if i can stick my own stuff in the bag to see if it fits!!! does everyone else do this too???
  5. i'm nuts though :roflmfao: the SA's always get a good laugh out of me! gosh, i sound so picky!!! :lol:
  6. Yup :lol:
  7. Nope- always in the store. I'd rather pay the tax for the boutique experience (service, atmosphere, shopping bag, walking around with my shopping bag-lol)
  8. i guess i'm lucky... i just moved to Portland Oregon and there's no sales tax.... it's like a shopping heaven!!!
  9. I don't order thru elux since I get tax regardless. :Push: And I always ask if I can dump all my things into the bag and try walking around the store with it. Sometimes we even put other LV accessories
    (from the store) into the bags to make it fuller. :lol:
  10. i do. and i also use ****** when going to eluxury, because i get money back too. it's like i'm getting a LV discount. pretty sweet.
  11. I haven't done that yet, but def would if I was purchasing a $1000+ bag. I heard the LV SAs don't make commission. Not sure if that is true or not. Of course I'm sure it helps their standing when they get a lot of sales.
  12. no because i would pay for shipping AND tax.. i'm at the store already might as well take it home if i'm gonna pay for tax anyway.
  13. Would if I could, it would be great to just order LV off Eluxury. Unfortunately they don't ship to here. I do get my bags sent from the LV store though as I can't get to the store - too far.
  14. Hmm..well, I definitely go into look at my bag, but I am the type to HAVE TO HAVE it right there and then! So... I definitely could not wait for eluxury to ship, and I also like to pick my bags out myself!
  15. Hi, when I bought the mini pleaty, the SA encouraged me to put my stuff in it so I could see how much this little bag would hold... it was part of his sales pitch :lol: I put my epi tresor wallet, hankies, keys, gloss, phone and whatnot in it and they didn't mind at all since it was their idea! Really nice :biggrin: (the bag too:love:) LOL