does anyone else do this?

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  1. i have found a second use for my canguro! when i'm not wearing it, i use it as a purse organizer inside my LV speedy. anyone else use it as purse organizer when they don't feel like wearing it? here's a pic...
  2. i guess not...:shame:
  3. haha that's cool! i have a damier speedy 25...maybe i'll try that sometimes :smile:
  4. I wouldn't think to do that, but it's a good idea! Next time I carry a large bag I should use my Canguro to organise.
  5. I've used it a couple of time across my back. It's nice if you get tired of wearing it around your waist you can take it off and sling it over one arm and under the other.
  6. What a great idea. And I'm thrilled to see yet another TPFer who likes both LV and tokidoki... I thought I would be the only one.
  7. me too, me too!! :heart: LV, Gucci and Coach!!
  8. and here i was about to buy a Purseket.. That sounds like a good idea... :smile: rockin the toki AND the louis..
  9. I only have a cangurino so I dont think it'll be handy for me.. idk? :shrugs: Its a very good idea though!

    robotkitten - I do that with my cangurino too! Hahaha I'm lazy :shame:
  10. ooh i wanna see your cangurino :biggrin:
  11. My FIRST toki bag! Got me hooked!! ;)

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  12. ooh its cute!! i wonder how smaller is it to the canguro??
  13. The canguro has an extra pocket on the right side and the big pocket is about 1/2"-1" taller.. haha I remember cuz the cangurino CANT fit the denaro.. but the canguro fits snugly! Although, idk if I'd recommend putting the denaro inside haha
  14. i have a canguro, but i havent started using that yet...yeah i do remember the extra right pocket.. hmm the denaro is huge lol..i probably wont carry a denaro in it if i use the canguro :P
  15. miss Dana- you're cangurino is adorable :biggrin:

    sophiae- i did this on accident when i just threw my canguro into a bigger bag but never thought to use it as an organizer! good idea :smile: