Does anyone else do this or am I crazy?

  1. I am a mom of 3 kids ages 5 and under. I don't get out of the house much but to drive my daughter to and from school. I have about 50 bags mostly lv and unfortunately I don't get to use them much. So I very often pull out a few bags and carry them around the house with me just so I can use them.

    Right now I am sitting with my new azur saleya pm and she is keeping me company! I haven't been able to use her yet and it is killing me!

    Please tell me I'm not the only one!:noggin:
  2. oooooooo my dear! you are not alone!!!

    I was sitting with my brand new azur pochette for a long while.

    it's funny giving your bags a heartbeat but when they mean so much to you and you love them so much it's so easy to do that!

    now am I sounding weird? :blink:
  3. nope not crazy!!! i have just got my neo fushcia out, just to look at her, im not taking her out again until she has been sprayed!
  4. Thanks you guys I feel so much better!
  5. As long as you are happy ...why not... I do the same when I don't go all my LV bags! They keep me happy even at home...

    Happy for you! :yahoo:
  6. Yes, you're crazy:wacko: . Kidding. Sometimes when DH gets home. I give him the kids. Then I like to take a bunch of my bags out of their dustbags to look at them. I tell DH I'm just reorganizing the closet.
  7. Your welcome. Don't feel crazy. LV world is almost like an escape.
  8. no you not crazy I was just playing with my new tote since i haven't used it yet I even huged it lol
  9. ahhh i do that all the time. i dont work, he works here at home on the computer. when he asks me why im inside the closet, i tell him im cleaning up.:graucho: sometimes my daughter would sit with me inside the closet admiring "our" bags. she knows it will all be hers, someday. sometimes i carry my bag downstairs and when dh sees me going down with my bag he would ask me where am i going. i tell him "nowhere, is there a problem with me carrying them?" omg i swear it sounds funnier in tagalog (filipino)
  10. WoW!!! 50 Bags!:nuts: I think I have about 7 or 8 and two of those are LV! I'm working on it though.;) I don't carry my bags in the house, but I do take them out, organize them, etc. I've labeled all of my drawer boxes for my LV accessories, to easily identify what's inside!:yes: :nuts: Is that crazy??
  11. that's not crazy, that's efficient.
  12. wow!! I'm 21 right now and I have 18 bags the time I got married I guess I would be like you...dont of time to carry out my beautiful bags....I cant imagine this...

  13. haha~ I think I did that to my Petit Bucket a while back.

    I do hug my Manhattan when I'm in the car with the fam.
  14. Tobago is so soft I couldn't help it I even named it squishy:p ...

  15. awwwwww, sweet!!!! *nice* bag!!! did you post pics yet?