Does anyone else do this? Oh and I need your expertise!!!

  1. So I bought the MOCA Neverfull on Saturday. I brought it home, unpacked it and set it on the buffet so I can see it from the couch...but I can't bring myself to put my stuff in it. I actually do this whenever I buy an expensive's like time to get acquainted/ or maybe time to talk myself out of freaking out over the $:nuts:

    Now for my question-
    I like to use my bags. I am not kind to them. This is my first LV- is the canvas durable? (I don't mind that the leather will darken). And for Murakami designs- can they scratch or peel or anything? I am so worried about ruining her!!!
  2. Lol I don't I just just transfer my stuff right over and use it right away!
    I got mine just over a week ago and haven't stopped using it yet. Anyway, the canvas is definitely durable but over time, the design will fade or chip a bit because it's screen printed on. However, these are very durable bags, don't be afraid to use them!
  3. Oh you are my hero for purse shopping bravery!!!

    Really? The design will chip and flake? Is there anything that can be done? Like a protective coating???
  4. It takes me a while to use my bags too. First, b/c I have so many that I haven't used yet and I'm just continually adding on to to my new bags. Second, like you, I try to get acquainted first and admire them, b/c if I use them right away and ruin them, I'll be so upset. So if I wait awhile and something happens to them, then I can say "I've had them for a while" YKWIM?

    The canvas is very durable. Also, each handle is supposed to be able to carry 250 lbs. (anyone, correct me if I'm wrong). The design will fade due to rubbing. Just make sure the design is not against your body when you carry the purse.
  5. I know what you mean and I do the same thing when I get a new bag. It's just so perfect and I get a little nervous.
  6. lol I use my new bags right away! But don't be afraid to use it; the canvas is super durable. But like Lvbabydoll said, the design might flake a bit over time. So just don't be too rough with it!
  7. I buy my bags to use (not a collector here!) so once I buy, I use right away! :smile: That is the joy of shopping for my bags!
    what I mean!
    The canvas is super durable and will withstand a lot of beating! Just start using your cute new bag and you'll see what I mean. As others have already mentioned, the Murakami design is screen printed and will fade over a long period of time, but I wouldn't worry about that too much. Enjoy your bag!

    Great first LV, by the way! :smile: Congrats!
  8. :tup:Thanks! You guys are all giving me the support (enabling!!!) that I need!
  9. I know exactly what you mean! I had my Damier Azur Speedy 30 almost two months before I carried it! It wasn't my first LV, but it was my first brand-spanking new purchased with my own hard-earned cash LV. But it's not the first bag I've done that to....I definitely understand the whole "getting acquainted" "getting over the sticker shock" thing. But LV's last a lifetime!!!!! Carry that MOCA, I'd love to own one but I'm in Ohio and refuse to pay over-inflated eBay prices. :sad:
  10. You need to carry it!!! Life is too short to hold onto an expensive item and not use it! Enjoy it!!!!!!
  11. Lol I just know that if I'm going to have a bag that costs that much, I'd better not be afraid to use it. Otherwise I'd get something a lot cheaper haha.

    Anyway ya it will, it's typical of the screen printed designs (Multicolore, Panda, Cherry Blossom, Cerises, Groom and now MOCA). If you look in the booklet it will tell you that the design isn't meant to be in direct sunlight because it may fade it. Also, if you scrape it against things (which shouldn't really happen since it's right on the front of the bag), it can chip the design. I wouldn't be too concerned about it though because I have pieces from all of the lines that have screen printing on them and they've all survived my repeated use, bashing them into things, etc. Out of all my items, the only things with a little bit of chipping are my Multicolore Alma (purple symbols near the zipper), black Multicolore wallet (some of the pastel symbols near the fold and over the snap) and Cerises Speedy (a couple of Cerises on the edges from whacking my bag into a stucco wall).

    That said, don't worry about it, I'm definitely not horribly rough on my bags but I'm not light on them either and they've come out beautifully.

    Sorry that was so long haha but I hope you use and love your bag, it's too gorgeous not to!
  12. nope, i just start using my new bags.;)
  13. i'm just the opposite. When i get a bag I'm already transferring stuff from my purse inside the car!

    the neverfull IS very durable though. I've owned my cerises speedy for over a year and the print hasn't started to peel yet so just be careful and you should be OK.
  14. ~jbcesq~Like you...I like to admire the bag and get acquainted with the bag first. As for the design, yes over time there's a good possibility of the chipping of the paint. Both of my Cerises Speedy and the Bucket have some paint loss over the Cerises. I think I'm pretty gentle on my bags...I guess the best advice to you-avoid rubbing against the hard surfaces. CONGRATS on your FIRST LV and especially a L.E too:yes:Good taste:tup:
  15. Canvas is very durable and forgiving so you don't have to baby it. In fact, I've found the MORE careful I am w/something, something goes wrong. Enjoy your new bag.