does anyone else dislike patchwork?

  1. Okay... i love coach. I think they are classy bags, but ever since the patchwork came out i kinda felt dissappointed. I actually looked at one... seriously considered it. Then i saw some patches were pleather and really strange looking. I just think it was a missed target. The bag was supposed to look youthful, but to me it looks kinda cheap. i don't know... does anyone else frown every time Coach's holiday or spring collections brings another one of those bags into stores?
  2. I can't say I dislike it but it does not appeal to me. I think I have only seen one patchwork bag in brown that I have ever liked. All the other ones I have seen since then are ones I would not get.
  3. I know you mean! I'm not too fond of the patchwork or the scribbles lines.
  4. I really don't like the patchwork or the scribble lines at all.
    I think they are just not good looking bags. But I see alot
    of people walking around NYC with them so somebody is buying
  5. I like the older suede patchworkd in the shades of brown. I don't really like the holiday lines, although the gold isn't that bad.
  6. I don't really like the patchwork bags... and really had to struggle for compliments when one of my friends got one as her first Coach bags.

    I think its just a matter of personality - I'm scatterbrained enough... I don't need my purse to show it. :graucho:

    Also probably depends on how it is put together, I never really like patchwork or scribble, but then I saw the tan scribble line last year and fell in love with it!! :love:
  7. I am not really a fan of the patchwork bags.
  8. I agree! I really dislike the patchwork lines myself and, like LizCodova, I see a lot of young and older ladies wearing them around NYC- I was really surprised about that.:confused1:

  9. I never liked the patchwork line, looks messy and some of the patches feel like nasty pleather.
  10. I liked the denim/purple-white patchwork that came out (I think last summer/spring?), but that's it.
  11. I lke the look, but I never looked closely..pleather..yuck!
  12. i like SOME of the patchwork stuff, but not nearly enough to buy it.
  13. I like my swingpack which is the this year's holiday patchwork. I don't like bigger items in patchwork but this one is small so doesn't seem so over the top. But I don't think any of the patches look like pleather. It's still a well constructed bag.

    That's the beauty of Coach though. If you hate one style, you're sure to find something else that you do like! I don't care for signature stuff but I love the leather!
  14. They look like "homemade" bags to me but I definetely see a lot of people with them. I think the appeal is that there are so many colors & people think they can wear it with all their outfits
  15. That's my thought exactly! I saw some on clearance at Macy's not long after christmas. They were a good price and size, but there is still no way I'd pay that much for something that looks like I made it.