Does Anyone Else Dislike (er, HATE) Cooking?

  1. I've faced the truth about myself. I detest cooking and baking. I could be content with a peanut butter sandwich and a piece of fruit most evenings.

    So many people get enjoyment from food magazines, TV shows and even browsing through cookbooks, but not me. I even get slightly grossed out and revolted by them.

    Am I alone or does anybody else share my feelings?:confused1:
  2. Sort of. I can bake, but I simply cannot cook. I have had friends who are great cooks give me a receipe with a time table (like start at 5:00 do this at 5:04 etc) and it will still come out poor. I think it is genetic, my mom was a foul cook as well.
  3. I hate cooking. I like watching the food network and have even contemplated going to culinary school to see if that would help me enjoy it more. I guess I just be wanting to do other things and don't want to be bothered by watching something on the stove:smile: My mom and siblings cookalot though..I don't know what happened to my branch.
  4. umm I can't come right out and say hate -- but I do take out sooooo much better :wlae:
  5. I *LOVE* to cook. Having said that.. I suck. :p The biggest challenge for me is getting the ingredients correct and cooked in a timely manner. I am an engineer and live for this stuff. Unfortunately for me cooking does not = engineering. There is that certain talent that goes along with it that I don't posessl

    Anyhow - sometimes I luck out and cook something great. The majority of time it is kinda iffy.
  6. When I first started out on my own, I didn't give a second thought to cooking. My kitchen was spotless, since I never set foot in it. Then I realized how much $$$ I was throwing away by eating out everyday and forced myself to learn how to cook. In the past 3 years, I've learned to appreciate and enjoy experimenting with different types of dishes.
  7. I RARELY cook, b/c I always mess up the food. The only thing I know how to cook is Shrimp haha
  8. LOL, my long lost twin! Seriously, I hate to cook too. Luckily my family is not picky & I make sure they eat good, healthy meals.. but Julia Child I am NOT!

    Thank God for microwaves (& take out!)
  9. I don't really like to cook but I hate to cook when my BF is home, if I feel like cooking he always ends up taking over and I get frustrated.

    But having said that he trainined as a chef a few years ago and he's Italian so basically he's a much better cook than me anyway.
  10. YES! I hate cooking, not because of the process, but because of the clean up. Even something that seems so simple (like a grilled cheese sandwich) seems to dirty up multiple items in my kitchen. So we usually rely on take out or HomeBistro dinners or going out most nights. I think we actually sit down and cook twice a month.
  11. I used to be the exact same way about a year ago. Something changed (not exactly sure how/why) but now I LOVE it! I love cooking shows and the hunt for new great recipes. Its calming in a way to cook and just let the stress out.
  12. I hate to cook, I've tried.... I always screw everything up!!! Then I get so mad that I have to clean up the F*****g mess. (I'm getting angry just thinking about it.)
  13. i like to cook. fun to try new recipes.
  14. ME ME ME!!! I despise it!
  15. Same here. Well, I can bake, but I can't cook. I don't want to be one of those single women with a freezer full of Lean Cuisines, though. My meals aren't that complicated, but I'd rather have something easy where I have to put in more of an effort than just poking holes in the top with a fork. That's just depressing.

    Frozen pizza and Kraft Dinners aren't exactly gourmet, but they take more of an effort.