does anyone else...clunk?

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  1. if clunk is the right word...

    i always notice when i use my MAB that it the hardware hits itself and makes the loudest noise. I have the and older bag that has the tassels and the lobster claw hardware. is there anyway to prevent my bag from being so LOUD? and i am the only one?
  2. I wonder if mine will do that when I get it
  3. hahaha....mine does! i really don't mind it at all.
  4. When I'm driving and the road is bumpy, the hardware shakes and clinks like there is a small earthquake going on.
  5. ^^the new hardware bag matinee with tassels doesn't.... I notice is moreso when I'm driving... haven't noticed it at all carrying it...
  6. Sometimes!! I remember walking and thinking "what on earth is that sound coming from me?!" Sometimes it drives me nuts and sometimes it makes me feel like i'm a (loud clunky) fairy angel who clinks when she walks. More often it drives me nuts :P
  7. Not so much when I'm walking around, but when I put my MAB down it gives off a loud KACHINK!

    ...It lets people know MAMIE IS IN DA HOUSE!
  8. LOL. I'm taking my new MAM out tomorrow for the first time. I hope I don't clunk!
  9. Not clunks, more of a clank. I like it.
  10. I clank too! But I don't mind at all...
  11. only when I drive, but I have a Marc Jacobs that does the same! better than cheap pleather!
  12. soon as I read the title, I knew where this thread was going! It is more of a "clank" than a "clunk", I think, but I quite get a kick out of it!
  13. yes i noticed that too but i only have one bag with the hardware and i've only used it twice.

    okay so maybe the tassels aren't so bad after all.
  14. I have a Sage MAM and the hardware gives off a short "ring" sound when I set it down. LOL! To be honest, I have not noticed the sound until this thread comes along.
  15. If anything the ones with the tassels witht he old hardware are LOUDER. My older bags clank and the new hardware clinks and tinkles.