Does anyone else but me use a Mono pursestrap as key strap??

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  1. I love the monogroam Canvas purse strap used as a neck strap .. I have NEVER EVER used a neck strap before - just not me - but this it sooo cool! and there is no chance I loose my keys, I have my keys in a 'normal' keyrring attached to the strap... :P

    For now a bad pic, but you can get the idea..

  2. That's pretty cool but I don't have that strap..
  3. like it
  4. it's kinda long...but i get the idea...pretty smart!
  5. Cool Idea!!

    What is that Mono book in th middle ?

  6. Interesting! I have that strap and use it with my Deauville and Speedy 30. But, I use a caribiner (not sure if that's exactly what it's called...) to hook my car key to the inside d-ring of my bags that have a d-ring. You can get the caribiner thingys at a sports store or even Target.
  7. What a cool idea!

    I have a mono strap that doesn't have the adjustment thingy which I'd like even better for myself. Thanks for the idea. I love to hear how "folk" use their LV in different ways. Also, if the strap is too long for some just think it can be worn over the head where the keys would rest on one's side. It could still be shifted towards the front to open a locked office door or something like that! :yes: