Does anyone else absolutely hate working out?

  1. I've never tried her DVD's, but I remember doing research on them before and the reviews seemed to be really mixed. Maybe I'll give them a try.

    What I had done before at home were the Jillian Michaels workouts and first of all they were too intense for me to just jump into personally so I would push hard to complete them because I thought I should be able to and then I'd end up feeling awful from doing too much too soon and those exercises seemed to make me bulk up a good bit in a very short time. I think I must build muscle more quickly.

    I really liked both pilates DVD's I have by Mari Windsor and Kristin McGee so I might try Tracy's and switch around those three and then add a yoga class in at a studio. Private instructor at first to make sure I have the proper form.
  2. I have a semi-recumbent exercise bike. I have made it part of my daily routine. It's still work but it is what it is. And i can do it regardless of the weather outside. I can read, watch tv etc....
  3. Sorry it took so long to see your note above, not sure how I missed it :shucks:
    Since I hate to excersise, I never got to see the full results of the Tracey Anderson videos. I have a girlfriend who stuck to it (and still does it) and she looks fantastic. She was a naturally thin girl, and didn't need to lose weight, just tone up. On the flip side, I have another friend who was motivated by said friend's results and tried Tracey's video to lose weight and was unsuccessful since it doesn't have much cardio involved (mat class DVD).

    I think it's smart to do a trainer. I try to do pilates once or so a week w/ a trainer just because I know I'm doing it right, so I feel I'm getting maximum results & not wasting my time. Plus, I book a week in advance so I'm less tempted to call and cancel.
  4. I hate working out! I love to walk, can walk miles without feeling tired and often do it, but working out seems a nightmare :smile:
  5. I love taking walks too, but in the summer I say it's too hot and in the winter I say it's too cold...always excuses. I need to just start doing it and hopefully I'll feel better. Really what I need it most for is just relaxation and stress relief.
  6. I used to feel the same way, but my aversion to working out was based on my own insecurity ... my excuses were to hide the fact that I didn't htink I could work out, and that people would think I looked like a fool trying.

    I got over it as I got older (I'm 33 and training for my first marathon). I've realized that no one really cares what I'm doing more than me, and the benefits in terms of (a) stress relief; (b) longevity; and (c) motivating other healthy choices in my life--I don't crave naughty foods nearly as much or give into temptation when I'm solidly working out.

    Yes--I still feel lazy and don't want to go to the gym, but once I get there I feel great even before I get on a treadmill or start a class. It's really helped me build self-esteem, which is ALWAYS a great thing.
  7. ^^That's awesome that you're training for a marathon...congratulations!!!

    I think I'm going to try to start incorporating yoga and pilates along with walking into my daily routine and change the three of those things up throughout the week. If I have to be at a session with a private trainer then I know I can't stand them up so I'll be more likely to go.
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    You sound like me!! =) Well, what I use to be like... Like you I am thin, I'm 5'0-5'1, weigh 105 (want to add 5 lb's for muscle), and have 15% body fat - was always athletic as a kid/teen but after high school, I sat around and didn't really do much physical activity. I use to work in a stress filled environment (investor relations - go 2008!) and loss my 4 grandparents one after another 4 years in a row... my stress was through the roof and I didn't eat much. But when I did it was crap and at my heaviest I was 118. It may not sound much... but when you're 5 feet tall.... My crappy diet made me so lethargic I couldn't even get my once healthy butt to the gym.

    I realized that I needed my mind to be stimulated and I can't just go to the gym and so 20 minutes of running, 20 minutes of weights, 20 minutes of whatever. I started searching online for a circuit and now I do a high intensity circuit. It's usually 30-45 minutes and I go through 13 stations and sometimes 2 extra. It doesn't take a long time, but you feel so refreshed after. I have a goal of getting the outline of a 6 pack by end of Sept and I'm halfway there. You just gotta get over the hump and find an activity you enjoy so it doesn't feel like a chore anymore. When you see results, like when I started getting tone and my posture was better and my energy level was better... I couldn't resist not working out anymore.

    Maybe start a little group with friends? Or join a group to keep you consistent. =) PM me and I can encourage you!
  9. What I dont like about working out is that super sore feeling u get the next couple of days when u cant even sit on the toilet. I have an elliptical machine that I wanted so bad and I cant motivate myself to get on it :/
  10. As long as you do it at least twice a week, that will only happen the very first time, and won't be as bad if you stretch before and after.

    In other words, that's not a good excuse. :smile:
  11. ITA. I was excruciatingly sore during my first week of Pilates. Now, I don't even sweat during the classes. You get used to it.
  12. Lol, you speak my mind. I'm normal weight - BMI 19+ with a lot of upper body fat (I look like a popsicle), and I run slower than an obese person trying to lose weight. I recently started hitting the gym for fitness reasons and to shed fat, but I ended up falling sick after 3 sessions lol. I can't sustain 7km/h for 10 min without running out of breath. Aighhhhh.
  13. I hate working out but its just something you gotta do (if you want the results or what not)...So I go and do it.
  14. I think my Mom and aunt and I are going to all start a yoga/pilates class together so we can have moral support and then I'm going to start walking outside hopefully at least 5-6 days a week once this horrible humidity and heat start to go away a little bit. It's literally been so bad that you can't even go outside to sit in the sun or anything unless you're in the pool and even then the pool water isn't refreshing because it's so warm from the weather being so hot!! I know, using the heat as an!!
  15. I hate working out too! actually it's a love/hate relationship...

    I feel too self conscious if there r other people around me so if I go to the gym when it's busy I listen to my music and just sit on the cycle messing about. But if it's empty, which is rare, I don't mind and can get into it properly.