Does anyone eat together as a family anymore?

  1. I grew up that meals were to be eaten together as family especially dinner. When I was talking with a friend she was saying things are so busy and hectic these days that family dinners are more of a rarer thing. Do meals as a family still hold in your families today?
  2. i did before i moved out of my parents house about a year and a half ago.
  3. ever since I was a kid my parents never really enforced the "eat-together-as-a-family" meals, especially at home. However when we go to a relative's place, we usually eat as a family.

    I kinda wish they did though because I love eating with my family!! while we're still quite close, even though I moved away to college, it gives us a time where we have to talk to each other.
  4. With everyone's busy schedule in my family sometimes dinner was the only time we could sit and talk together as a family. It's a little sad my brother and I are spread out(geography wise) from my parents since eating together is now infrequent.
  5. Up until this summer we ate together most evenings. Now we eat together 2-3 times a week. I kind of wished we ate together more.
  6. our family still eats together. gives us time to catch up on what we did during the day.
  7. When I see my mom, or dad we eat together. But DH is away most nights during the week, so I eat in front of the tv. Sometimes I makes us eat at the table together when I cook a 'nice' meal. Or on taco nights! heh, because there is alot of stuff to set out.
  8. We still eat together, and I'd like to enforce this rule until I can so that at the end of the day we can sit together as a family to recount the day's events, and talk about things.:yes:
  9. I would say at least five times a week, we sit down as a family for dinner. Sometimes, it's difficult because of DH's work schedule and kids' after school activities but we try to do it as often as possible.
  10. ever since i moved out 7 yrs ago, I don't really eat with anyone when I am at home..when I returned back to washington, bf and I eat together for the most part.. although we eat while watching our shows..
  11. We eat together as a family on the nights when DH is out of work in time and definately on the weekends we eat together EVERY meal! I love eating as a family!
  12. At the moment it's a bit difficult because I have two little ones, but when they are older I'll try as much as I can for all of us to eat together.
  13. We eat together. :yes: We just got DD a high chair so it's much easier for me to feed her at the same time.
  14. Ahhh I miss these days. My fiance and I do but that's just because it's the two of us..however most of the time we're going out to dinner with his teammates and their wives/gf.

    When I go home to visit we never eat together..people grab their food and just go off to whatever location they are in.

    Once I have kids I plan to make it so that we all sit together and enjoy dinner.
  15. Well, my daughter is my only child and we are closelikethis anyway. (she's 24) But we do have busy schedules and she has one helluva social life. But when we are both home, we eat together or go out to eat. I absolutely treasure our talks over meals.:love: