Does anyone dress up their Speedy or any other LV?

  1. I was wondering, if people dress up their Speedies like dressing up their Levi's? Not just tying a scarf on the handles or slinging a key chain but actually glueing or sewing something on them. I know it's kind of scary and there might be places where it is considered a crime, but if there are creative personas out there that do it, care to share the pics of your handiwork? :smile:
  2. I would never have imagined such a thing! :blink:
  3. LOL I would love to see if anyone does this. I highly doubt they would!
  4. Egawds....why would you ruin a $600+ bag?????
  5. I cannot remember if it was on this list or another but someone painted pink roses on their speedy.
  6. Yikes...I am creative but don't think that I would do that. Beyond the price I pay for them I guess I look at my bags as works of art just the way they are.
    After all many were designed by famous designers or visual artists.
  7. i was actually just thinking about this! i remember someone painting the roses on their speedys, but my bestfriend was thinking about a pin on hers. Like a big heart pin in the bottom corner, the only result would be a small pin hole, but a custom bag!
  8. No....I am quite certain that I could not bring myself to do that...
  9. nope I have never dressed up any of my bags before.
  10. No way, I don't have the money to buy LVs so I can "customize" them. I leave them as is and besides, I get sick of things quickly. I never had my phone/ipod/camera rhinestone-ed because I knew as soon as I had it done I'd get tired of them and want them off.
  11. I get sick of things way too easily as well. I'd never do anything like that!
  12. Good Lawd, I never could.
  13. Gasp! Wouldn't that be sacrilegious?
  14. EEK, no way for me.

    LV bags are to expensive, for me anyway, to glue or sew anything on them. :push:
  15. i think it would be interesting...and if done right it could be super cute! kind of the same thing as LV painting stripes/crests...but this would mean a little more because it would be ur baby!! :smile: