Does anyone do this (how to save up for a bag)?

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  1. Does anyone here buy gift cards for themselves and use them to "save up" for a purchase? I was thinking this would be a great way: buy a gift card every so often for a few months and then use up those cards to get your next purchase.

    What does everyone think?
  2. I just put away a little cash every week ($20) for my major purchase. If i get gifts of $$$, I put 1/2 to my LV fund and 1/2 to savings.
    The giftcard would work too.....I just like cash. :smile:
  3. Good idea. I have a 100 for Christmas and am saving for a bag in Feb. but you have to see how long the cards keep value--like time limits
  4. Wow Kitsunegrl, that's a good idea!! I might just try that.
  5. sometimes (and this is sometimes only...i tend to be an impulse shopper), i'll create a piggybank of sorts to place extra money to be put towards a big buy. then i don't touch the piggybank. the only prob with gift cards? they usually come with a fee to purchase them (unless u r buying LV gift cards - do they do that?)
  6. I don't generally save up...not that I am rich! I am just old and have a big enough collection that I sell pieces to buy new. But, I love your idea. I know how sometimes when you set cash aside it gets spent on other things.
  7. Exactly!

    If I do the gift cards, then I can't use it for anything else but LV :graucho:
  8. That's a nice idea !

    You could also set up a seperate bank account - that will accrue interest that you could use towards LV too.. :graucho: