does anyone do crafts?

  1. i just wanted to know if anybody here does crafts. i do beading (make swaroski crystal bracelets), knitting, scrapbooking, drawing, painting, polymer clay, origami, writing, latch hook ( when you make a rug out of little peces of yarn), hemp, gimp (bondoggle), friendship bracelets, handmade cards out of pressed flowes.... I LIKE CRAFTS!:yes:
  2. OH YEAH! I used to be big on jewelry making. There is this store here that I desperately want to talk a class at.

    Also paint your own pottery and anything else crafty. I'm always up for a craft product.
  3. ohhh. which store, because im close to MD.
  4. I do ALOT of crafts..with my little one.So we both have fun together..I swaer its made her a very creative kid because of it!!!LOL!..We do all kinds of crafts...beads,paints,anything goes here!
  5. hmmm. I think so... i shall go take a look next time im at the mall
  6. I love to cross stich! :heart: the harder the picture the better.
    sadly I've been busy the past few months and haven't had time to do any :'(
    hopefully soon! :smile:
  7. oh i love handcrafts..
    i knit alot.. sometimes cross stitch.. sew (clothes etc, cushions, curtains).. i can make beaded jewellery.. i started doing pottery classes before.. i've made paper from paper pulp..

    i'd love to learn a whole bunch of stuff.. like leadlighting, leatherwork, silver smithing..
    maybe when my son is older we can do some stuff together...
  8. I paint my own pottery, scrapbook, knit, embroider, and do crochet.
  9. I used to scrapbook and make rubber stamped cards. I have so many cards left!

    Now all my time is spent on making jewelry! It's more than a craft for me's my second job at this point. lol
  10. I have done a lot of different crafts over the years: quilting, counted cross-stitch, crocheting, and the list goes on. I haven't been doing anything lately. I do have an afghan that I have been working on sporadically.
  11. I taught myself to knit last yr. I had always wanted to learn but thought it would be to hard (being I'm a lefty). Then I decided to try on a whim. I thought, "Wait, you use 2 hands so it shouldn't matter if you're right or left handed". Which turned out to be true.:yes:

    Neway...I've since made ponchos, socks, booties, hats.....I haven't knitted in awhile though. Just haven't had any time. Been busy reading. It's been on my mind heavily lately. Hopefully in the next few wks. or so I'll start up something. I'm thinking of making a hat for my son.
  12. I love doing Calligraphy and designing my own special occassion cards.
  13. I love to make jewelry whenever i get a chance to!
  14. Oooh, Erica! I LOVE to Bedazzle stuff! LOL!

    I sew and I love editing photos.