Does anyone dislike GHD straightener?

  1. All the posts about GHD are all positive and was what actually made me purchase it. Now I'm feeling guilty about spending so much on a straightener so I'm trying to convince myself to return it but it's hard when I keep reading about all these really great reviews on it. So has anyone had a bad experience with them or wasn't impressed by it?
  2. not me!:nogood:
    I noticed a HUGE difference between the GHD and my other high end straightener:tup:
  3. lol @ thread title.

    I personally can't think of a bad thing to say about mine. But, Do YOU like it? Do YOU like the way it straightens/curls your hair?
  4. Nope, LOVE mine. :heart:

    I also saw a VERY big difference between my GHD and my CHI.

    Best hair iron ever! :yes:
  5. i think we all know my feelings on GHD :biggrin:.

    BUT, if you use it and it's not right for you, return it. if it IS right for you and you can afford it, then don't feel guilty. you wear your hair every day, and taking care of it isn't a sin or something you should be ashamed of.
  6. I do like the way it straightens/curls my hair but I can't get over the guilt of spending that much on a straightener. I'm just begging for reasons not to like it haha. It's funny because I think everyone loves it. I can't even get one single person to say anything negative about it.
  7. I felt guilty too until I used it.
    My opinion of my hair and what styles I could try w/ or w/o a haircut are so much broader now. It's changed my opinion of my possibilities w/ my hair!
  8. oh, I see. I didn't feel guilty more like crazy for spending that much!! But after using it, it's REALLY worth it too me.

    Buyers remorse sucks so if you are really unsure and you previously had a straightener that was decent then send it back. :shrugs:
  9. I still have a FHI iron. I was ready to believe it was only the GHD products NOT the iron that made a difference. I tried out the products with the FHI and I did not get the same results in as less time. I am keeping my GHD. I like it so much, the next time I go in for a blowout, I am bringing it with me to my hairdresser and show her why I don't come to her as frequently anymore.
  10. I actually haven't cared for the GHD products I've tried. My amazing results are from my regular products and the magical GHD! LOL!
  11. I love the GHD iron! I've had several other higher end irons and this one makes straitening hair so easy! Think about the time it saves you and it will hopefully make you feel less guilty.
  12. I was telling my boyfriend about this post and he was like No, don't return it, it makes your hair look really nice. Then he says that he'll just make it a gift for me so I don't have buyer's remorse and that he knows how much I like it. (He was there when the GHD box arrived and I broke it open and started trying it on my hair and watching the DVD at the same time, haha).

    I guess I'm keeping it. I thought only TPF members were enablers but I have my boyfriend being an enabler too.
  13. I felt the same way, I mostly bought the GHD to curl my hair (my hair is pin straight normally), and then my SO told me he hates my hair curly! But I'm keeping it anyway, because curling the ends is sooooo easy and giving it a little volume with the iron is super easy too!

  14. Problem solved!
  15. guess i'll be the lone dissenter here (and maybe in the whole world), but i don't think im the right candidate for the GHD iron to begin with. my hair's always been straight and really shiny, since i've been extremely anal about it (never used ANY products, only rinse with cold water, only air dry, etc). but i grabbed one after hearing all the rave reviews on here, thinking my hair's kind of coarse and on dry wintery days i do have stray hairs and maybe GHD will make my hair super silky and extra shiny. after using it a few times, my generally black shiny hair turned kind of brownish and looked really dry, instead of making my hair super shiny. i'm returning it to sephora, but im kind of just laughing at myself now because essentially i bought a flat iron to straighten my already straight, shiny, healthy hair. just doesn't make sense. im sad though. almost wish i had curly hair so i can amaze myself with the awesome results of the GHD!