Does anyone critisize your bag addiction?

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  1. #1 Aug 18, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
    I don't own a big collection. I have 4 LV, 2 Tod's, 1 Gucci, 1 Sonia Rykiel, 2 Marc Jacobs (I intend to post them here soon).
    My fiance, however, has recently started critisizing my inclination to bag shopping. He says that for this money, I 'd rather buy since they last for ever and can be an investment. Bags don't get their money back in case they are sold again.
    I am telling him that bags is fashion and fashion is not always reasonable. And that little vanity is necessary to colour our lives...
    He says that accumulating bags of thousands dollars/euros isn't just 'little vanity'...

    1.He appreciates fashion a lot and he is considered to be a very well dressed guy.
    2.I am presumably above the average woman but not above the average bag addicted woman. What do you think?
  2. Can you afford it? Is it your money or his? Do you spend numerous amounts of money on other things you dont have to have? If bills are paid, mouths are fed, SPEND your money if it is yours but I can understand his problem if he is working all week for you to blow sons/daughters inheritance on designer bags. Maybe try non designer for less impact on the wallet and leave designer for special occasions like... A FRIDAY lol
  3. My hubby loves my handbag addiction.( I got lucky) Reasons why:
    1. He always knows what to buy me as a gift
    2. I get bored with my handbags and sell the ones I don't use and sometime I make a profit on them
    3. My handbag choices are cheaper than the jewelry he likes
    4. He says with the right handbag I exude more confidence and confidence is sexy
    and finally
    5. quote from hubby " sometimes I can't find things in your purse but that is ok cuz damn is that leather soft and buttery." LOL
  4. What do you mean by 'I am above the average woman'? Is that money wise? To answer your question, do you spend your own money or your husbands money on bags? I get critisized a lot, but I always reply that I work hard for my money and thus deserve to spend it on whatever I like. Good luck convincing your DH.
  5. Thanks for answering all of you ! And you 're right. I didn't explain properly: It's my money. ...It is vain, allright, but hummans are imperfect creatures by nature, aren't they!