Does anyone COVET this bag?

  1. Beautiful bags, 53baglady! How are you liking them so far?
    I noticed in your photo and in the LB video that the small handle can be pushed flat down for when you wear it as a shoulder bag - do you just press down on it to make it lay flat, and does it stay down? Thanks!
  2. 53baglady, your pictures and LB's video threw me over the edge! I now have the Black Covet coming my way....
  3. love the color!
  4. It's a lot like my beloved Amour bags, I love it! I was wondering how the top handle would sit when carried by the strap but it looks great! :nuts:
  5. baglady - Do you ever have trouble with the lock? I was trying on this bag at Nordstroms yesterday and it took me awhile to get the lock fitted just right to close. It kind of reminds me of the Chanel reissues.
  6. Yes, it just sort of folds down and lays flat; no problem.
  7. I find that when it is on my shoulder it opens and closes easily but sometimes when it is over stuffed and not sitting quite right it takes me a couple tries. But nothing frustrating or anything like that.
  8. Congratulations! I hope you love it. I still haven't worn my bronze python; I just love the grape so much I haven't switched bags.:biggrin:
  9. Lovely bag! I am still waiting for my asteralice ostrich covet pre-order.
  10. good to hear u are loving the bag so much! after days of pondering i finally decided on teal :nuts:
  11. ^^Teal is my favorite!!
  12. Can not wait to see your pictures ms p, the Teal is gorgeous!!!
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    thanks baghad & besa! i've been feeling a hole in my heart ever since i sold my dt3z mac :p i was scared of the gm hw peeling + the birdie against dt bothers me a bit. i'm loving the teal color shown in caitlin LB video. i seriously hope teal will capture my heart like deep turquoise :heart:
  14. ^^We're going to be bag twins ms p!!!! :yahoo: I watched Caitlin's video too and was absolutely smitten!!!! It's all her fault!!! LOL!
  15. wow baghad :ghi5:! i absolutely agree it's all her fault :greengrin: i've been watching that same video again and again and again lol