Does anyone COVET this bag?

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  1. I just received my Covet satchel/shoulder bag in grape. It is beautiful leather and a similar color to the Jammin Purple from a couple years ago. Only this is smooth leather, not pebbled. I might be able to get my DGD to do modeling pics tomorrow night so this is all for now.

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  2. i was actually coveting this last night on amazon. it reminds me of my coach hamptons flap!
  3. Looks really cute!
    I'd love to see pix of the inside and, of course, modelling pix.
    Is that a detachable shoulder strap I see in pic #1?
  4. Such a pretty color and I really like the bag's shape. Congrats!
  5. Yes, more pictures please! the leather is gorgeous, love the color & shape!
  6. I love this color. So pretty! Hope you post more pictures :smile:
  7. Very pretty!!:woohoo: That color is hott, very striking... I'm sure the dash lining compliments it very well... Congrats!
  8. thanks for starting this thread! i was drooling over the exact same bag on LB lol. hope u can post more pics soon :biggrin: congrats!!!
  9. That's so cute! Love the color...
  10. What a gorgeous bag!!! I can't wait to get this bag in creme/black ostrich combo...

    Here's detailed inside pic from saks.


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  11. Here are some modeling pics. For reference, my DGD is 5'2", 120 lbs.

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  12. If this bag would have come in glazed fine wine I would have definitely gotten this over the everyday. Love it.
  13. This is a beautiful bag, I love the color! Style isn't necessarily for me, but I am still really liking it!
  14. thanks for the mod shoot! it looks sooooo pretty :heart:
  15. Gosh, this is a beautiful bag...I love the color!

    Question though...I know the HW is supposed to be "Light Gold", how does it compare to light gold siggy hw in color, or is it more similar to the polished gold of last fall and previous??