Does anyone continue to wear their CL's despite the pain??

  1. Do you have a pair of CL's that no matter how painful they are to wear, you would not part with them? Eventhough it hurts to walk in them, you still wear them because they look sexy and fantastic on your feet?

    I ask this question because I wore my CL wedges today, and my toes were screaming for mercy. lol The toe box is small, so my toes were hurting me. I got compliments on them at work and I was thinking to myself if only they knew the pain I was in. Of course I would not tell anyone the shoes were uncomfortable. I tried to ignore the pain because I really like the shoes and they look great on my feet.

    The funny thing is, despite how uncomfortable the shoes were I will wear them again.
  2. Only all the time! My black satin No Prives are KILLER on my feet, but they look too beautiful not to wear, so I pull them out for any formal occasion.
  3. I just sold one of my favorite CLs on eBay, and was so sorry to see them go! But they were absolute murder on my feet from the second I put them on! I wear shoes all the time that I wouldn't call comfortable by any definition, but those were a killer. :sad:
  4. yes, I have a love hate relationship with several. The sad thing is sometimes the right foot will be fine but the left foot feels as though a hammer is coming down on my foot with each step. I am sure that must indicate some foot problem. I don't want to see a foot Dr. because he will tell my I should avoid heels, which I won't. However there is a pair or two that hurt both my feet and it is HELL!!!! I love my shoes, and I take some comfort in knowing that others suffer, and I just realized how bad that sounds! But really, coming here and sharing our stories does help me, so thank you all!
  5. Yeah, my Decolletes, are a bit small, but I don't care. I love how they look on my feet. He, he, fashion is a b***h. :yahoo:
  6. ^^^My decolletes are the most difficult to wear too. I should have gone up half a size, perhaps. I absolutely LOVE them, though--they're the tiger print patent ones--sooo gorgeous! My husband gets a silly look on his face when I wear them too, and that's kind of fun! ;)
  7. AH HA!!! So they AREN'T the miracle shoes!! It seems like every other Loubie thread I read someone is talking about not only how gorgeous their new shoes are but ALSO how COMFORTABLE they are and everytime I'm like, "no freakin' wayy!!! those look killer!!". It's good to know I'm not the only one who doesn't find many of them comfortable....I only own Loubies for their look...for comfort, I go to Cole Haan, Geox, Naturalizer, etc. still.
  8. At first my Decolletes hurt like a bit**, but now they are pretty comfy. The ones that hurt now, or at least the last time I wore them were my Pigalle Finzi. My toes were killing me! I wore them pretty much all day, including dancing, then to church the next morning. I was in pain by the time the next day was over. Well worth it though because they looked great on my feet.
    No pain no gain. lol
  9. You know, none of my CLs are overly painful. The decolletes hurt the first 2-3 times I wore them, but nothing more than some other pumps I've worn and now that they are broken in, they are fine! Not dance-for-6-hours shoes, but they dont hurt anymore when worn in moderation.
  10. p.s. - Forgot to mention, I have Rolandos on the way and I keep hearing how uncomfortable those are (:push:smile:, so will have to update once I try those out. <fingers crossed>
  11. I actually have a pair of FLATS that are REALLY UNBEARABLY uncomfortable. I doubt I'll ever wear them again but they're so nice to look at (and expensive!) that I doubt I'll be able to let them go. I suppose I could eBay them but I don't really want to go through all the hassle.
  12. All flats kill me, although I do have a couple of pairs just because they're popular. I need some kind of heel or I feel like I'm walking backwards or something.
  13. You know, I think I'm starting to get this myself. I wore ballet flats today and felt a strange pull in my calves all day. I noticed it with a different pair of flats last week too...very weird.
  14. The only ones that really hurt are my ariella's and only after a few hours of walking, now I keep a pair of balletflats in my bag in case it becomes unbearable I prefer to switch than too look funny making babysteps on my highheels
  15. I don't have any that hurt, per se. Sometimes if I wear super high heels for long periods of time I'll have foot pain.

    I must be crazy, tho, because it's totally worth it to me.