Does anyone condition their vachetta?

  1. I've just cleaned the vachetta handles on my BH for the first time using baby wipes, am now thinking I should maybe condition the leather with something (not sure what), in case the baby wipes dry the leather out? Has anyone done this before?
  2. Thanks for that - I've read about the waterproof sprays etc. but I was actually thinking about a protective cream - I've used one before for shoes - so its more of a nourishing treatment as opposed to a spray / waterproofing product.
    Was just wondering if anyone else has used anything like this?
  3. I did with my speedy 25. it was old and well used. I didnt use baby wipes but using apple guard cleaner. then used the conditioner after.

    After for my others bags no.
  4. I used a cream cleaner that we use on my daughters figure skates to clean the vachetta on my T&B mini pochette and it worked great. I'm too scared to touch the vachetta on anything else though!
  5. i used apple guard on everything
  6. I've never used anything on my bags from a recommendation from my SA. I've never treated any of them and they all look good. :yes:
  7. I use appleguard on all of my vachetta.
  8. Same here!
  9. i use apple guard conditioner
  10. i only use shining monkey, to protect it from spills or water/liquid stains. ;)
  11. I have heard an SA say that the Coach leather conditioner is not a BAD thing to use... I have never once put anything on my bags!
  12. I don't use anything on the vachetta :nogood:
  13. I used Magic eraser to clean up dirty vachetta, after which i'd use LMB Feel soft moistuirser to give it back the mositure. Followed by a spray of apple guard.
  14. I've been tempted to use a leather conditioner but haven't for fear it might speed up the patination. Now, if I thought it would slow it down ... I'd do it in a heartbeat!