Does Anyone collect Vintage Gucci ??

  1. I'm a admitted shopaholic, I will shop at Trunk shows, Department Stores, sample sales and flea markets. Recently while driving through upstate New York I stumbled across a yard sale, I came to a screeching holt (I could see from my window a bunch of handbags on the floor I zeroed in on the GG's like an hungry eagle going in for the kill.) I snatched up the bag making sure it was what I thought it was, and it was, A gorgeous vintage Gucci shoulder bag in great condition Authentic, with very little wear, definatly well taken care of. I love it !!! I actually don't remember putting the car in park, or getting out, I was so excited, But the bag now is safe in my closet.[/:nuts: COLOR]
    How about you??? Do you collect vintage bags ?
  2. I haven't yet but my cousin's wife collects them. I would if I knew what vintage Guccis look like (which I don't).
  3. i don't know if i "collect" per say but i have inherited (or stolen if u wanna put it that way ;)) my mother's vintage gucci collection which i love.....
  4. lol@ going in for the kill...some of the vintage gucci stuff is nice, haven't been able to get my hands on anything though.
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