Does anyone collect raw gems?

  1. I do, and I'm just wondering if there are other people in here who do the same.
  2. What a great hobby. If I could afford it, I'd sure like to. My husband owns a stone company, but it's strictly slate, granite, marble, that kind of stuff. Definitely not gem stones. I'm forever telling him I wish he'd open up another business that sold jewelry gem stones, but he thinks I'm crazy.

    What do you do with your stones? Do you polish them and display them or do you make them into jewelry?
  3. I keep them on display. They're raw so there's nothing to polish. I also have other kind of stones (minerals).
    There's a lot of pretty and inexpensive stones that can be used for jewelry, but also looks great raw, like an amethyst. But my favorites are probably the rubies and emeralds.
  4. I decided to upload a picture of a few of the rocks. The big bluish one is topaz, the three small greenish ones in the bottom right cornor are emeralds and the rest are rubies. The topaz one is about 2 lbs, so the "small ones" are actually not that small...
    I have tons of other ones, but I decided just to take pictures of these. Sorry it's a bit blurry.
  5. I don't collect them, but I am loving the raw gem jewelry that's been popping up everywhere.
  6. Those are fabulous! I don't have a ton of raw, mostly loose faceted for using in my jewelry. But my grandfather and grandmother used to make jewelry and have a TON of rough. They have boxes of rough tiger's eye which I think is more beautiful in the rough than cut and polished.

    The first stone is called Charoite (same stone I used in this necklace). It's a rare stone and I was shocked to find it in his stash!

    The second chunk is Rhodochrosite (or is it Rhodonite...I get confused by the two).

    The third is just a couple slabs of his Tiger's Eye - he literally has boxes!

    4th is the most stunning's got the most amazing color! He made a gorgeous cabachon pendant...I'm so proud.

    5th is blue lace agate. :smile:

    I have so many more pictures...I can't wait to go down and learn how to cut stone.
    P4280089.JPG P4280103.JPG P4280091.JPG P4280116.JPG P4280157.JPG
  7. Claire - If you love rough gem jewelry you should check out Anne Maa's jewelry. Her latest pieces are jaw dropping!!!


    Isn't that freaking awesome!?! I love her work. :smile:
  8. That is really pretty. I love green amethyst.
  9. Hi! When I was studying for my FGA (gemmology diploma) I collected quite a lot of peices,some of them to help with studying,but I can't pretend to be pompous or seriously academic,I actually collected a lot because they were so lovely to look at,all under the guise of 'helping with my studies'!!!! I always paticularly liked the ones in a nice crystal shape with big fractures inside.Even now they still amaze me on the symmetry of how they formed and the truly gorgeous rainbow colors from the cracks inside when the sun gets in,like its own little private universe! I found a really nice book that is a nice blend of infomative,factual and lovely pics,it helped quite a bit with my studies as I always had trouble visualising crystal systems.Wether you are a big time collector or are just a bit of a magpie like me its full of lovely pics,even where it all comes from etc- its called
    Gems and Crystals -(an illustrated guide to the history,lore and properties of gems and minerals) and its by-Anna S.Sofianides and George E.Harlow the ISBN no is 1-85585-391-4.
    I have had a quick look through it as I have got it down for the details for you,wow,takes me back a bit,that qualification nearly cost me my sanity! But I still have an enduring love of stones and all things shiny!(thats the magpie in me) hope you get the book I think you would really enjoy it!xxxxx
  10. I was reading your post,it so made me smile,I used to always get mixed up with rhodocrosite and rhodonite,until my gemmology tutor put me on to this = rhodocrosite full of lite (the one with white inclusions)rhodonite for the nite(the one with dark inclusions) she had loads of little nemonics for remembering tables of elements etc, really worked for a numskull like me! I think you would adore the book I have told Rain about,see her post for details,as you mention you would love to cut stones,this might fascinate you!!xxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. completely off topic but casto! i love your new website!

    carry on.... :smile:

  12. I have a bunch of blue lace agate pieces as well. I really like those.
  13. ROFL I love off topic! :smile: Thank you...I worked really hard on it...well, I paid someone else to work really hard on it. hee hee

    Oh Chaz...that is AWESOME!!!!! :yahoo: I think I will always remember the difference between the two stones now. I love them both but of the two, Rhodochrosite is my favorite.

    Grandpa cut some cabs in rhodochrosite that are stunning. I think I'll start a thread showing his work.
  14. Bumping - Raw gem jewelry is so beautiful, do you have more brands to share?