does anyone collect dolls? HELP!!

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  1. my mom is an AVID doll collector. her birthday is this week and i cannot find the book she wants! (Small Dolls of the 50's and 60's...incase anyone is a better google-er than i am)

    i need other suggestions! i know it's a long shot but i'm begging here!:flowers:
  2. oops, i collect japanese toys & tin toys :P
    no idea about other dolls.
    maybe you can search on eBay?
  3. thanks vanjor....i found that one but there's actually one for the 50s and 60s too that i can't find. she specifically hinted for that one since since her collection mainly consists of 50s and 60s era dolls.

    i ended up ordering a doll repair book and a different 50s/60s encyclopedia. i swear the woman puts my fashion habit to shame with these dolls and their related forums. makes me feel better. :wlae:
  4. Have you tried

    Or (I think that's it. I know it's Alibris.) I've been able to find hard-to-find books there.
  5. omg how did i forget about powells?! :noggin:

    what a disloyal oregonian i am.:shame:
  6. LOL

    I totally forgot you are a webfoot! I almost was going to include an explanation of what Powells is!

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