Does anyone carry their Alma BB without the strap?

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  1. I've been trying mine this way, and half of me feels like it's cute, and half feels like I stole a toddlers bag :roflmfao:

    Does anyone carry theirs sans strap?
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  2. Good question. When I went in last, I looked at the BB in Damier. It's really cute, and it's on my list when I go to Berlin in a few weeks. It's between that one and the Favorite or Pochette Acessoires, as I need a small bag and still want to love LV. I think it looks cute on the crook of the arm with the straps hanging. Alone not so sure. I didn't try! I should have! So cute but It's so tiny! Can't wait to see what others think. And also: do you have a picture of you holding it like that with no strap? That could give us an idea for those who do not have this bag in their collection (yet) :smile:
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461542482.892075.jpg
    I like to carry it strapless
  4. That's actually really really cute!!!
    And your bag is gorgeous!! Oh no. I think I just fell in love!
  5. i just realised the pic is huge! thanks and i think the bb will work on anyone :P It is not too small and kiddish and it's casual with a strap and dressy if worn strapless.
  6. I have an Alma BB in vernis amarante and I have always carried it with the strap BUT just the other day I thought of using it sans strap because I tend to use it to dressy occasions and really, I don't need that strap dangling.

    This post of yours confirms my thoughts that it's ok!!

    So I will try it next time too, when I have the chance! :smile:
  7. Always. I think the strap looks ridiculous on me :smile: and to be frank I really don't like straps on bags that have handles :P
  8. I always leave the strap attached. It is casual chic worn cross body and looks very sophisticated worn on the shoulder. If I pick it up by the handles, I feel it looks good with the strap hanging. However, I have seen pictures/ Ads of women using it strictly as a handheld bag at very dressy functions and it gave off an elegant vibe, in my opinion.
  9. This looks fabulous! Very chic and perfect with your outfit
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