Does anyone carry the Speedy 40?

  1. can you show us pictures of you carrying it? i don't think i've ever seen anyone with it...i'm interested
  2. I really love the 40 but i wasn't too sure it would be too huge for me! Im only 5'3" and it looked like luggage lol! I did have a 35 but again it was too big so i eventually settled on a Damier 30 and it was perfect! x
  3. I've been thinking about the 40 myself but I am trying to wait and see if the watercolor comes out in brown 1st..... I would definately carry it as an every day bag. I :heart: big bags especially since I work full-time and am an full-time student. I carry ALOT
  4. The girl I saw with one was about my height 5'5'...

    But I have come to realize that some people have the confidence to carry it off...
    Do you know what I mean? I think that's what makes the difference. Maybe that's why once we see a bag on Celeberties...Suddenly it takes on a cooler look than when we first saw it. :supacool: Because they have a confidence to carry whatever they want to...

    What do you guys think about this? Don't you think this is true? :shrugs:
  5. ^^ Definitely, people that hold themselves well can make anything work.

    With that being said, it is personally not for me because I am 5'0 and look ridiculous with anything oversized. Rats. :\
  6. Well I'm not her, but heres a pic of me with mine, I think it's too big as an everyday bag because the sides are so wide. Not to mention stuff would get sooooooooo lost in there!

  7. wow thanks!! it looks alot better than i thought it would! the thing is just that the bigger the bag gets...the smaller the handles look! :smile:

    i love big bags, but bigger bag=more stuff (which means it gets heavy)
  8. Hey PurseFanatic, you look fanstastic with the bag, it's not that big.
  9. I am the Speedy 40 enabler!! I'll post modeling pics of my Speedy 40 which I love so much..
  10. I'm about 5'0-5'1 only!:push: hope the pics helped..:p
    DSC08862.JPG speed_1.jpg speed_3.jpg
  11. thankz for the pixs it helped. I have a 30 and find it big. I love HUGE bags but the bigger the bag, ther more stuff I find to put into it. But buy what you like. Speedy_Lover rocks that 40 -
  12. As a handbag no, i think it would look funny. Perhaps too big and goofy looking. As weekend bag it would be awesome.

  13. girlfriend let's see a pic of you modeling yours!
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    hamsters.:p u could put a shirley or sunset or a spring street or mini hl...that would be cool.....inside and whip her out when the hauling got heavy.....
  15. Nice modeling pics -- The 40 doesn't look at all big to me.

    When I'm at the museum, library, bookstore is when I wish I had a roomier bag to pack books, magazines, brochures/flyers and still be able to find my wallet in there. When I have a "busy" day going from place to place, it's still hard for me to find things in my 35 because the books/mags are piled up in a compact space... the 40 would afford those extra few spare inches all around.

    I'm deciding between Speedy40 or Neverfull GM for my next purchase.