Does anyone carry around a laptop in their jumbo? Does it fit?

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  1. I just bought a new laptop (14.1") and was kinda wondering if it would fit into a jumbo? I'm thinking of a reissue or maybe the classic one, though I'm not quite sure if it will into a classic one.
    Anyway, I'm still saving up for a jumbo so I have some time to daydream and think about which color and size (and wether or not to stuff a laptop in it in time :rolleyes:

    What do you girls think? Is a chanel not too much for carrying around this kind of things? Or is anyone using it already for this purpose?

    Hope to hear your thoughts!:smile:
  2. I have a white jumbo, and there is no way a laptop would fit in it. And even if it would, I wouldn't trust those chain straps to hold it's weight well..
  3. I dont think it would be a good idea to put that kind of weight on a jumbo, especially a reissue. It could get mishapen or damaged. Those metal chains would eventually DIG into the shoulder too.
  4. yeah, that's what I was afraid of too. It's a small laptop though, 2500 grams..
  5. The length on the Jumbo Classic Flap is only 12", so it definitely wouldn't fit a 14.1" laptop. Plus, I wouldn't chance it. It would be way too heavy for the chain.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  6. agree~:smile:
  7. I thought there was a 14.2" reissue also, someone posted a list of sizes in the library a little while ago.
    So your overall advice is :tdown:
    I actually assumed the chain would be very strong.. Well too bad :sad: have to stuff it with all my other things then.. :smile:
  8. I've never thought of putting a laptop inside my jumbo bag. I wouldn't do it.
  9. I agree w/most of the previous replies. Wouldn't put a laptop in a jumbo or 227/228 reissue, even if it would fit.
  10. :nogood::nogood:
  11. No Way!
  12. a Dell XPS 1210 (12inch) fits in a GST ... a little heavey though. I really doubt a 14inch will fit in a jumbo. Plus I don't think the chains are meant to handle such weight. If your really determined to have a jumbo and a laptop at the same time I'd suggest getting perhaps a 10inch laptop.
  13. I'd be afraid that the weight of the bag would either snap the chain or that it would make it lose its shape. Seems like some people have had problems with their chains even when they don't carry much on a day to day basis so I'd be scared of what the weigh of a notebook could do to the bag.
  14. No :nogood:
  15. Not possible