Does anyone carry an LV Agenda AND an iphone?

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  1. This may be a real dumba** question... but does anyone carry both an iphone AND an LV agenda? I got rid of my Palm device and cellphone and replaced them with an iphone so I would have less in my purse. Now, I'm cruising the Agenda Club thread and elux, drooling over agendas. Do I need one? (No.) Would I like one? (Yes! They're so cute!) Would I use one? That's where I need your help. I keep looking at the Small Ring Agenda in Vernis and the Mono Partenaire. :angel:
  2. no, just the iphone. but the vernis agendas are very tempting...
  3. I'm amazed at all the agenda carriers with the popularity of PDAs. I'm anxious to know who carries both, also. I haven't written anything down in more than 4 years. Everything is in my phone.
  4. I use my mono agenda as a wallet, so yes I carry an "agenda" and smart phone in my purse!
  5. I got the iPhone, so I got rid of my agenda! How could I, right? Loved my Vernis Framboise agenda while I had it!
  6. i still like to use agenda instead of PDA/Smartphone. don't have to worry about batter life, hacking (yes, people do hack cellphones), water damage, international (Apple void any service once the phone has been used out of country despite it's been 'converted' or not) service disagreement.
  7. i have the mm agenda and a treo 750. i guess i just want to make sure i have a "back-up"
  8. i carry both iphone and vernis framboise agenda!!!

    i still HAVE TO write stuff down time to time....besides, i have matching pink LV nails pen which i got from my DH about 3 christmas ago (and that was a HUGE surprise!!) and this is the only way i can 'carry them around' i have cute agenda refills which my mom sent to me from japan!!! =)

    AND i'm a mom....i have my daughter's pics in my iphone AND in my agenda!!!! i still use it as a brag book~ =D
  9. yes both! I've never gotten used to using a phone as a calendar or to-do list.
  10. Yes, I do!

    I love my iPhone and it holds all of my information perfectly, but there have been many instances where my phone has died and I need a certain phone number. So I like to keep an agenda with all of my contacts and appointments that are made way in advance - This also holds my insurance information, a copy of my vehicle registration, copy of my drivers license, copy of my insurance card. I am a very prepared, organized person and I benefit greatly from both an iPhone and agenda.

    It's also nice to be able to write a physical note and store it in an agenda rather than having to put it into a phone and retrieve it.
  11. What? Apple doesn't "Void" service agreements for phones used outside the USA. The agreement is only valid in the USA, which means that you have to have it repaired in the United States if it was purchased here. Your warranty is valid for 1 year unless you have an extended 3 year warranty as I do. However, your service contract (Warranty) is no longer valid if you have "Unlocked" your iPhone.

    Your phone service isn't terminated either and can be used in virtually any country as long as International roaming is activated.

    So I am unclear as to what you mean by this.

  12. sorry should make it more clear :sweatdrop: The warranty is void if the phone is being used overseas, period. It's been confirmed by many Apply SA on different occasions, but honestly as long as you don't tell, there's no way they can find out. It's all b/c the iphone is contracted w/AT&T/Cingular, which obviously don't have network world wide. the exception is used on AT&T's sister network, such as DoCoMo in JP.
  13. Hmm.. This is very interesting, but is completely incorrect - Don't believe what these people have told you. As long as you have International Roaming (Activated via AT&T),
    You can use the phone anywhere. AT&T partners with MANY other networks, including rivals to provide access virtually everywhere - The data function is even available if Data Roaming is turned on (via iPhone) - But data is EXTREMELY expensive. I used my iPhone abroad for 2 months in the Fall and had a very large bill. Apple has nothing to do with the networks once they sell the phone, unless you unlock it - Then it is void. AT&T knows when it is being used overseas, Apple doesn't care about this, it makes no difference to them - If it were true, the only thing it would do is hurt their sales.

    Thank you for the reply, but rest assured, the information that these Apple Employees have provided is completely, 100% incorrect!
  14. I never use my phone organizer function so my phone is just a phone no matter what funtions they have.
  15. i have the iPhone and i just bought the trunks and bags agenda 2 weeks ago :smile: