Does anyone carry an Alexander McQueen Novak bag? Thoughts?

  1. I saw one on Net-A-Porter and it looks really nice. I have never seen one in person, does anyone have an opinion on this bag-I am in the market for something Black and classy looking. . .
  2. I have this bag. It is great. There are pics of Fayden and her Novak somewhere on the board (maybe in her showcase). If you do a serach, you should be able to find them.
  3. The Novak is a beautiful bag--it's very classic and subtle. The only downside is that some of the bags are made of very delicate leather so it can scratch easily.

    There's a version with "woven" patent leather and regular leather that is absolutely beautiful! If you want the option to purchase the bag through a US store, Nordstrom in Seattle and San Diego carry Novaks. San Diego's number is 619.295.4441. You can always return the bag to a local Nordy's if it isn't what you wanted...

    If you call the SD store, ask for Joseph--he's the best SA there!
  4. Love the style of the bag but the ones I've seen on display were very scratched up. Its a shame b/c I would have gotten one if it wasn't for the scuffed up leather.
  5. I totally second this - I too have salivated over Novaks on display but every single one has had some scratches particularly around the barrel clasp closure. I love the style so much though, there was one on sale in the summer at Libertys but I decided against it because of the scratching problem, my bags have to go through a lot and it just wouldn't be practical.
  6. I have a small Novak in black, and I use it as an every day bag. I dont really think it scratches more than any other leather bag, if you take normal care. I like it since its classy & roomy, yet flat and not as bulky as many other structured bags.
  7. I saw a lady carrying this once and it stopped me dead in my tracks. It was GORGEOUS! I loved the crochet one too, which I only saw online.
  8. What about compared to the YSL muse? Sounds like the muse would be more "sturdy." I have felt that leather, and although soft, it seems pretty durable.
  9. Well the muse is mre slouchy than the novak. It doesnt really scratch that much (but then I have it in white- and that doesnt show scratches.
    I feel that the novak is a lıttle more 'grown up' or dressy.