does anyone buy the luggage? particularly the larger styles

  1. has anyone bought lv luggage which is too large for carry on, i personally do not trust airline with my luggage as i have occured problems on more than three occasions if i were to buy lv luggage it would be a keepall set and the smallest pegase that would fit in the overhead compartment, if anyone has the larger stuff are you ever worried they will loose it, or it will get ruined in the process, i have also heard horrorable stories of slashed luggage from spite, so i dont think i would have the heart to go through all that worrying what are your thoughts?
  2. If I ever got Vuitton luggage to check, I'd get it in Damier becuase it's so much more discreet. On my wish list are 2 Damier Pegase 70's, a custom Damier Keepall 60, and a Damier Keepall 50 w/shoulder strap as a carryon. Even better would be the Damier Geant, but I'm not a fan of the sparse interiors. There's Taiga too, but none of them are that large.
  3. yeah i see where you coming from, but isnt one of the main focuses/selling points of vuitton that it is noticable for its status? but i mean that doesnt affect my purchses i buy what i like
  4. I got keepal 50, I think it the maximum size for compartment.Never had the problem
  5. A big part of Vuitton is the status, but constuction and quality are factors as well. To me, the Damier, Damier Geant, etc. say "oh , yes, it's a Vuitton," while the mono shouts "LOOK AT MY LOUIS VUITTON BI-OTCH! I'M MUCH BETTER THAN YOU!"
  6. yeah i get it tis so true, i hate it when these companys (or a line such as the MC) becomes in fad, it is un uppermarket fashion house and shouldnt have anyother conotations but thats the true worl
  7. I agree with you, it's biggest reason why I won't even consider buying their luggage! I only have their Keepall 55 to use as carryon, where I can keep my eyes on it.
  8. I think there was a thread on this before and the consensus was the 55 was the largest carryon size you can take with you.
  9. I'm waiting for this too, as I've been told by my SA that are coming soon :biggrin:
  10. Definetly do not "check" your LV luggage at an airline. It will def either get stolen or they will go through your luggage. A friend of mine knows someone who works at the airport and they literally take stuff from luggage and steal actual luggage - it is def not safe bc there is nothing you can do about it. The airline will just tell you they lost your luggage.

    My aunt had an entire set of Gucci luggage stolen :sad:

    Def not worth the worry! Just get the stuff that fits on the plane w/ya.

  11. WOW THAT'S HORRIBLE!!! Did they pay to replace it or anything?!!?!
  12. I don't have LV luggage and I've already had my luggage lost a trillion times. I think about 40% of the times I travel now! The numbers went up 5% last year, it is actually rediculous. When I finally get my bags back usually 48 hours later, my bag is ripped or damaged somehow. And I swear people have fumbled through them!!

    I wouldn't chance checking in LV luggage, it would stress me out throughout the whole flight!
  13. Oh, you crack me up so much! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. I think the only LV luggage I'll get is one of the smaller keepall that can fit into the overhead compartment on the plane. I would never check in anything expensive.
  15. I would NEVER check-in any LV luggage - that's like putting a giant red target on the bag that says, "STEAL ME." Get a nice suitcase for car travel! Otherwise a carry-on is your best bet.