Does anyone buy knockoff handbags?

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  1. Has anyone purchased from I heard about it from a friend, but am very suspicious. Would really appreciate any feedback.

    Also, where is a reputable place to buy purse organizers and which one do you like best?

    This is an awesome site! Can't wait to read more.


    Jane Ann :smile:
  2. I don't get why people buy highly priced knock-offs. Especially LV. Why not just get a Pouchette Accessories its only around $250 and it's authentic too?

    I try not to ostracize people who buy knock-offs. I personally hate them, but don't go out on the streets yelling "FAKE!". LOL

    Inspired bags are an OK in my book. If your looking for a nice bag around $100, or less but still designer why not Coach or DKNY? Sometimes saving up for a really nice & authentic designer bag is an awesome feeling. Rather than the ominous feeling of someone knowing your bag is fake (or when a person with an authentic one walks in). I've seen some who quickly shove their bags towards them (or hide their bag).

    Go for authentic! It's worth the extra $$$.
  3. i have one knockoff, it's a small LV, i bought it in new york (in the basement of a building in chinatown) in high school with a few friends, but i've never carried it. it was just for fun at the moment, and i'd never buy another one (sort of a 'when in rome' type thing). i like purses too much to buy fakes.

    i had never had a real designer bag at that point, so i didn't really appreciate what makes them special and worth the money, but now that i do, i shall not go back.
  4. I have no problem with replica or knockoff bags as long as people know what they are buying. Plenty of people have been scammed into thinking they are buying the real thing.

    I do own a couple of replica LV Murakami Cherry Blossom bags, because I just loved the style so much and I knew I would never find the real thing. When I do buy replicas, I buy them in person in downtown LA for around $50 bucks each.
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  5. I agree. I remember the feeling that I got when I bought my first designer bag. It was actually a Louis Vuitton pochette. i think a bunch of us gals got our start on that bag.

    I personally don't think knock- offs are worth it and they will probably ending up falling apart shortly after you buy one. On the other hand if you splurge on a moderately expensive bag like coach, dooney etc., you will have it for a long time. And if you go all out and get a LV or something along that line you know you will have it FOREVER.

    i remember in high school seeing girls carrying their mothers hand-me down Louis Vuitton's and wanting one soooo bad. The point of that story is that a quality bag you will have forever and can trade with friends or pass onto your daughter, niece, cousin. A knock off bag will barely last you into the next season.
  6. my start was a coach mini signature black hobo. couple years old and it still looks great (and i'm super hard on purses - it's probably been on the floor of dozens of bathroom stalls and dirty bars).

    i still carry the bag, it's served me much better than a $50 knockoff of something more expensive or even a $50 lesser-quality purse that wasn't a knockoff. at some point, you have to stop buying crappy bags and just go for it.

    i think knockoffs are also a lot about looking cool or rich to other people instead of about having something nice for yourself, which is, admittedly, kinda lame.
  7. I don’t want to make anyone mad :embarasse , but you are way of about the replicas.
    There are of course some bad ones.
    You can NOT by a good replica for $50, that’s naive to even think.
    Please, I know what I an talking about. I personally own both real ones and fake ones, but I buy my fake ones with great care:cool:

    So, Yes I buy knockoff handbags and I promise you can not se it unless I want You to.:suspiciou
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  8. I tend to agree w/ that

    However, I don't really have a problem w/ people using replicas. When I was younger, I really couldn't afford the real thing, so I bought 1 or 2 replicas because I liked their design. Now when I see young girls using replicas or knockoffs, I think they're probably in the same position...
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  9. I can understand wat you are saying and I agree. But I know there are replicas out there that you can't see......
  10. HA! Maybe it's just because I hate sentences that end with "I know what I'm talking about", but your statement is ludricous. I highly doubt you have surveyed every alley of downtown LA, haggled with every knockoff vendor, or seen every fake LV eBay listing.

    Don't call people naive just because you think you know everything, it just makes you look ridiculous.
  11. Hate is a very strong word :amazed: and I hope you don't mean it:sad2:
    Maybe you also missunderstod me or didn't read all I wrote. I know there are verry good replicas out there! You are right about that I don't know what you have in your country, Sweden is several tousands of miles away from you and the streets your talking about.
    What I ment was that a good replica costs some more $, but then it is very good. And to sum up: :love:THERE ARE VERY GOOD REPLICAS OUT THERE I KNOW BECAUSE I'VE GOT SOME!

    Friends again?:embarasse
  12. I am on the same page a tintin! :huh: Well I bought a "mirror" this past summer... beacuse I did not have the time or money to buy the real one, it was cute, but not for 1500! SO I bought the rep. ,my Aunt had the same one, looks exactly the same! But I got to keep $$$ for my trip!:suspiciou But I do love the real thing more!IT's just so shiny and new!:biggrin:
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  13. In the same boat - which is the best purst / organiser / laptop bag
    to buy - need a functional yet nice bag
  14. i would never buy fakes. to me it screams "i want but i can't". and even if they are good fakes, why pretend to have something you don't? i'm not ashamed if i can't afford a bag, it happens. i know i will never own a hermes birkin bag, so what, it's too expensive for me. i don't run out and buy a fake one so at least people think that i can afford it. i'd rather buy a nice no name bag than shell out big bucks for a cheap fake.
  15. That is a good attitude to have. When you think about it practically, fakes just don't make sense. But, then again, spending a ridiculous amount of money on something you are just going to use to hold your credit cards and gum wouldn't make much sense either.

    I only own 5 replicas of Dior and Vuitton and I only bought them because I really loved the lines they came from and knew I would never be able to afford the real thing (Well maybe I held off on the Rafe for a year, I could buy one really good Vuitton.) I never carry them out, because I don't want to give the impression that I own the real thing, when I really don't. I also really don't want people to figure out I own fakes. I consider them to be "placeholder" pieces until I win the lottery and can afford the real thing.

    Unfortunately, the top designers have priced themselves into a corner. They claim that they are losing revenue because of the counterfeiters - but I really don't think someone who buys an $50 fake would have bought the $1000 bag if they didn't have access to replicas.
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