Does anyone buy Chanel for when their daughters are older

  1. I have a mini reporter bag and plan to buy another Chanel bag soon because I have two daughters and want them both to get one when they are older. I know this sounds insane because I use my bags and they won't be pristine for my daughters. However, I don't buy jewelry and want them each to have at least one. Does anyone else think like this?
  2. Hapa, you might want to get a couple of classic chanel flap bags to pass along to your daughters. That's a timeless style -- it was cool to wear it 40 years ago and will still be cool in 40 years. And just enjoy your mini reporter.
  3. This will sound terrible but I really don't like the chain strap so I avoid that style. I know, I know not liking the iconic Chanel bag! I have been teased mercilessly over this but I just don't like that bag!
  4. no, I plan on my jewelry being passed to my one Daughter. And if I continue to acquire jewelry as often as I have or as I like, I will start thinking of pieces for my son's wives one day as well.
  5. Yes I always buy limited editions to pass on to my daughter. Mind you she uses all my bags except the very big ones so you could say they are hers already LOL
  6. You are very traditional! Just remember if the son and his wife divorce, the jewelry will probably remain hers. (Can you tell I am a cynical lawyer?)
  7. My daughter is 19 so I just buy her what she likes now - she has one Chanel bag, one Burberry bag, one Prada messenger bag for school, and several wallets -
    the only bag of mine she would really want for herself is my Chanel Kelly
  8. What an interesting question! Since we have 2 boys, just yesterday DH was asking me who will I pass down my handbags to? So I told him to our (lucky) future daughters-in-law.

    But now that you mentioned it Hapa - you've got me worried! Maybe I should just got for my second option: be buried with my bags! :graucho:

    Or better still, go for DH's option: try for a girl :sweatdrop:
  9. :yahoo: Yeah!!! This is my 1000th post! (dedicated to my newborn baby!)

    But :back2topic: , I always told my DH and myself that my future daughter would inherit all my nice purses...until we found out our last child would be a BOY, too! So, with three boys and no plans to have another baby...I'm thinking now I will build up a nice timeless collection for myself, enjoy them for a long time until I have a desire or need to sell some pieces off... And, perhaps a few may go to a granddaughter or two one day... Daughter-in-laws? Well, I'm thinking that all depends on them...and if they are worthy! :graucho:

  10. LOL!!!
    Congrats on your 1000th post!!!
    :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
  11. This Is Me ~ But, With One Boy! :smile: That's How I Feel About My Jewelry & Bags. We All Could Wait For Grandaughters, Too!!! I Love Every Last Thing Both Grandmothers Owned ~ Especially Because It Was Their's. I Miss Them Both!:love:

    Hapa ~ I'm Laughing & Nervous @ The Same Time!!!:nuts:
  12. Actually, no. I haven't really thought about it. She knows I have designer bags and she has several nice bags. Honestly, I don't think she is responsible enough just yet. She's more carefree with her bags and I wouldn't think of letting her even borrow mine just yet. Hopefully, she'll learn to take better care of them. Obviously, what is mine, she'll get someday, but I don't think about it. I get what I like for now.
  13. I have no kids yet, so I'm buying for myself. If I ever have a daughter, she'll inhearit everything. If I don't, I'll share my collection with my niece and my stepdaughter.

  14. LOL! Well, luckily, I haven't had to think that far ahead since my twin boys are only 2!:lol:
    Maybe I should change it to; my daughter will inherit most of my jewelry and my sons' firstborn girsl will get some as well :biggrin:
  15. Veering off-topic, but Swanky I didn't know you had twins . . . now I think you are even more amazing for handling the board! (I have twin boys too, and a girl, and when the twins were 2 I was more like :wtf: and :shocked: and :upsidedown: -- You rock!) Now :back2topic: yep, I do hope one day that my daughter will want to lay claim to my bags, and the Chanels are really special so I hope she will love getting them. But, who know - she's not quite 5 so her tastes are TBD!